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Who Are We?

Sale Property Turkey provides real estate consultancy services during the whole sales process for foreign investors who want to buy houses in Istanbul since 2014.  As your trusted partner for property investment still improves our service mentality and quality of standards in the field. Our professional consultant team also manages this through its professional real estate consultancy service in the global arena.


Take advantage of our leading real estate consultancy services as you manage your property purchase process in Turkey according to your requests! You will save time while managing your investment with our strength and experience in different fields.


Our professional consultants develop special solutions during your housing investment process in Istanbul. Strengthen your property investment by our professional portfolio managers, sales experts, law consultants, and after-sales department!


As the Sale Property team, we provide a leading real estate consultancy service with our innovative perspectives in Turkey.



Sale Property provides free pre-sales and after-sales real estate services through professional real estate consultants. Take advantage of it and make a profit for a lifetime!

  • Current Information on Housing Projects
  • Regional Analysis and Current Property Index
  • Strong Investing Strategies
  • Real Estate Consultancy Service
  • Personal Payment Terms


Our investment consultancy service as your reliable solution partner, budget planning, and hundreds of services as you try to find the house of your dreams.


You will be informed about the real estate trends, up-to-date developments, the latest news, the analysis of data, and the real estate index in Turkey. You can easily get detailed information about all these through our real estate consultants! We provide free consultancy service for all legal transactions and after-sales services during your house purchase process in Istanbul!


Sale Property also provides consultancy services for the most current Istanbul housing projects including villa and office projects with an exclusive real estate portfolio. We generate innovative solutions according to the needs and demands of our clients.

Let’s find your dream houses and make strong housing investment in Istanbul!

Sale Property Turkey is YOUR TRUSTED Partner For Real Estate Investment in Istanbul!

Do you think of benefiting from the Turkish Citizenship program?

Sale Property Turkey provides advanced services throughout the whole process! The investors can choose a special housing project to acquire Turkish Citizenship! You can get all of the needed requirements during your transactions to your investment.

Our clients acquire Turkish citizenship if they buy a house worth a minimum of $250.000!


Furthermore, you will not waste your time during your legal transactions! Our consultant team also prepares advanced Virtual Tours for you to choose the most ideal property by shaping your investment.  You can benefit from the online purchasing process provided by our professional real estate consultants.

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Take advantage of our reliability and recognition in the real estate field, buy the property of your dreams without losing time in Istanbul!

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