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Alanya City

About Turkey

Alanya City

Alanya is a tourism paradise full of splendid beauties! Alanya has one of the most glamorous coasts in Antalya. Also, it is located in the Mediterranean Region.

The region is the pearl for the Turkish Riviera. Alanya is not only a tourist paradise for Turkey but also for the whole world. Alanya is visited by foreign tourists as well as Turkish citizens every year. It draws attention due to the activities of agriculture and greenhouse.

You can learn about Alanya’s population, geographical features, and valuable regions. Moreover, climate, living conditions, and more. Furthermore, you can learn everything about Turkey and have more information about Alanya. Just make an appointment with our sales consultants.

Where is Alanya on the Map? How to Get Alanya? 

Alanya, Turkey located in the coastal part of the Mediterranean has the shape of a small peninsula. Where is Alanya on the map exactly?

Located on the southern coast of Turkey, Alanya is 154 km away from the city center. The Taurus Mountains extend to the north of Alanya and has an important role in the tourism of the country.

Located on the south coast of Turkey, Alanya is one of the most valuable districts in Antalya, Turkey.

Northeast: Konya and Karaman

Distance to the city center: 140 km

Transportation in Alanya

It is very easy in and out travel in Alanya or Antalya. Sea transportation also increases the value of Alanya along with road or air transportation.

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Air Transportation

alanya airport, alanya to antalya,

How far is Alanya from Antalya? If you are going to use airline transportation, you have two alternatives. You can choose both airports to reach Alanya center. You can reach Alanya via the nearest airport to the place you will stay or visit.

The distance to Antalya Airport: 120 km

Alanya- Gazipasa Airport: 40 km

Road Transportation 

If you want to travel intercity and prefer transportation by your private vehicle, you can reach it through Antalya.

After arriving in Antalya, you can easily reach Alanya through the double highway.

Sea Transportation

You can choose Alanya Port for your transportation. You can go to Alanya through this port by which large cruise ships aboard.

Alanya Marina has a 287-yacht-capacity

Average number of ships aboarding annually: 100

The number of tourists coming to Alanya by sea transportation is 80 thousand on average.

The Means of Transportation in Alanya

There are transportation vehicles in Alanya that service from one side of the city to another. Minibusses and buses will allow you to travel in the city cheaply and quickly. You can also choose taxis for transportation into the city.

The Population of Alanya

Population of Alanya

The first thing we can say about the people in Alanya might be the hospitality. There is rapid population growth due to domestic and external migrations. It is one of the popular cities for retirement.

The population of Alanya 327.503

Alanya is the third most populous district of Antalya.

Alanya population increases especially in summers because of the tourism activities and the regions turns into a mini-city.

While Alanya is generally a small town, it turns into a crowded city in the summer.

What is the Weather Like in Alanya Throughout the Whole Year?

Alanya climate enjoys a characteristically Mediterranean climate with hot summers and moderately warm winters.

The days in Alanya are longer than nights in summer. Although it is not much in the hot and dry summer months, torrential rain can be seen in the areas close to the shore.

Average Annual Temperature: 23 degrees

The coldest month: 12 degrees in January

The hottest month: 33 degrees in July

Alanya Trade and Production Activities 

Alanya constitutes 10 percent of the general tourism of Turkish tourism activities. But do not suppose that Alanya is only a holiday paradise due to the provided services.

Alanya has a 30% share of foreigners buying houses in Turkey. In addition to the purchase of housing, Alanya tourism activities also have a big share in Turkey. It is a rapidly developing tourist resort.

Alanya also has an important location and great weather conditions where important agricultural products are developed. Some products that are grown in Alanya as follows:

  • Local Alanya Banana
  • Avocado
  • Japanese Medlar
  • Orange
  • Citrus
  • Tomatoes
  • Alanya’s unprecedented products also provide additional value.

Things to do in Alanya 

Things to do in Alanya

Now, you have enough information about Alanya. We have prepared a to-do list if you make a trip to Alanya where is one of the most charming resorts in Turkey. Alanya is the pearl of Antalya province.

You can dream however you desire. If you want to experience this whole list, you can immediately request an appointment from our sales consultants.

Must-See Centers in Alanya:

–         Telpherway

–         Alanya Castle

–         Alanya Port

–         Dim Cave

–         Sapadere Canyon

–         Aspendos, and Side Ruins

–         Red Tower

Must-Try Things in Alanya:

  • Buggy Safari
  • Big Kral Boat
  • Jeep Safari
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Alanya Boat Tour

Must-Visit Coasts:

–         Kleopatra Beach

–         Damlatas Beach

–         Incekum Beach

–         Damlatas Beach

–         Ulas Beach

Living Conditions in Alanya

Living Conditions in Alanya

The things to talk about Alanya might be over. However, but when you visit, you will find hundreds of reasons not to leave there. If you are looking for more reasons to live in Alanya, allow us to help you…

– Summer all year long: Alanya’s climate is hot from spring to the end of autumn. If you like sun and heat, Alanya is just for you. You will always feel summer. Alanya nightlife will also amaze you.

– Don’t suffer from being a stranger: Alanya has a varied population with different religions, social groups, or nationalities. This diversity of identity makes Alanya a happier and funnier region.

– Grow your own fruits and vegetables: How about growing your own banana or avocado? Benefit from greenhouse and agricultural productivity in Alanya. You are able to grow unique fruits in your lemon or orange orchards.

– Palm Trees and Fig Trees: The variety of plants and trees along the Alanya beach will fascinate you. Green grass, colorful flowers, palm and fig trees will draw you into a different world. You can also add value to your life with its clean streets and sparkling sea view.

– Travel to history with its culture: Alanya has hosted various civilizations. It has many visiting areas such as historical baths, museums, houses, palaces, and inns. You can witness the past and get to know a new civilization every single day in Alanya.


In addition to what you know and see about Alanya, you can have a glamorous and attractive life due to newly-developed housing projects. You can get more information about locations and charming towns having unique beauty.

You can request an appointment from our sales consultants to have more information about the housing projects. Sale Property Turkey will provide a quality service that will increase your living conditions for Alanya and more.