Avcilar is a district close to important life centers on the European Side of Istanbul. In addition, it gains attraction by the valuable structures on the coastline.

Important commercial and industrial centers and well-known education centers add value to the region. Avcilar, neighboring the most important districts of Istanbul, also gains attraction with transportation vehicles and link roads. It is one of the central locations of Istanbul, particularly due to its location on the highway.

Avcilar county is one of the most central locations in Istanbul. It is a rapidly developing and transforming life center in Istanbul. Avcilar is a special place where you can find affordable opportunities to invest in housing due to its growing population.

In addition to being close to the coast, Avcilar has gained a reputation for hosting the important buildings of public and historical. While housing sales are rapidly increasing in Avcilar, living conditions are also improving.

Discover not only the houses but also the places you need to see to reside in Avcilar.

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Where is Avcilar? How to get there? 

One of the most valuable things about Avcilar might be its location.

You can have a house whose value is rapidly increasing in Avcilar.

Avcilar, the fastest-growing location in Istanbul, is neighboring the most important districts of the city. Also, it is a district whose value has increased due to its coastline. You can reach every region of Istanbul in a fast way.

Avcilar is on the European Side of Istanbul.

East: Kucukcekmece Lake

North: Basaksehir

West: Esenyurt, Beylikduzu

South: Marmara Sea

It is 27 km from the Istanbul city center (Taksim). Besides, the E-5 and TEM highways pass through the borders of Avcilar.

There are settlements in the west and south of Avcilar. The north is separated from settlements as agricultural areas located on the shore of Kucukcekmece Lake.

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History of Avcilar

The history of Avcilar adds extraordinary value to the region. Avcilar where stands out as one of the fastest transforming districts of Istanbul still maintains its historical value.

Avcilar, which was separated from Kucukcekmece in 1992, had hosted Greeks in the past.

After the Greeks left the region, warehouses (Ambar in Turkish) were placed in the region. The region where Turks immigrated from Greece settled was named Ambarli.

In addition, the place where Turks immigrated from Bulgaria settled was named Avcilar village. Later, these two regions were united and named Avcilar.

According to the things we heard, rich people organized a hunting festival in Avcilar (Hunters in Turkish) back in the day. There was a rapid population increase in Avcilar especially after 1970.

With the increase in population, new neighborhoods were established. And, new housing projects and social living areas were developed.

Avcilar became a county of Istanbul in 1995. You can still see the architectural structures from the Ottoman period in the region.

Life in Avcilar Nowadays

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Most of the population living in Avcilar is looking to live or invest in housings that are close to educational institutions and business centers. Avcilar is valuable for home buyers with new residential projects.

Avcilar where is located on the coastal line of Istanbul is right next to the E-5 and TEM highways. Also Avcilar where you will reach following Fatih, Zeytinburnu and Bakirkoy on the coastline, is a popular place nowadays. Due to both its location and the transformation it has gone through…

You can have breakfast in the sea view places on the coastline and have a pleasant time having a barbecue in the picnic areas.

A great number of structures add value to the city. In addition to rapidly gaining value, Avcilar’s population is also growing. Housing buyers in Istanbul prefer Avcilar to find a house that is both affordable and suitable.

While the region gains value with newly developed housing projects, social life is also altering.

Housing prices in Avcilar have increased by 30% as of January 2021. If you make a housing investment, the return period of your home to you will be in 21 years. Recently, Avcilar is rapidly gaining value due to both social living spaces and the high living conditions of the residents.

Avcilar is an important settlement for home buyers and residents due to its coast as well. Social life is rapidly developing in Avcilar with sea view houses and valuable buildings. Moreover, trade centers add extraordinary value to the region.

Neighborhoods of Avcilar

There are 8 districts in Avcilar district of Istanbul. There are different structures and social living conditions in Avcilar hosting different structures.

  • Ambarli is in the coastal area of Avcilar.
  • Cihangir is located close to Avcilar district center.
  • Gumuspala is next to Kucukcekmece Lake.
  • Universite is close to the center where the historical Istanbul University is located.
  • Denizkoskler is in the coastal area of Avcilar.
  • Mustafa Kemal Pasa is on the Beylikduzu district border.
  • Yesilkent is on the border of Esenyurt district.
  • Firuzkoy is next to Kucukcekmece Lake.


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Population in Avcilar

Avcilar is a valuable and populous district.

436,897 people live in Avcilar where is among the most valuable living spaces of Istanbul. Besides, there is rapid population growth according to the statistics of Avcilar.

Places to Visit in Avcilar

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There are 8 neighborhoods in Avcilar which are close to the beach or in the inner parts.

We have suggestions for you if you want to live in Avcilar or visit there.

8 places to visit in Avcilar

8 places to visit in Avcilar

  • Kucukcekmece Lake: How about having a picnic by the lake? Or a lovely walk… Kucukcekmece Lake is a place where the residents of the European Side go when they seek a natural habitat or want to get away from the chaos of the city. It is a special place where you can go to Avcilar to have a pleasant time sitting on the grass and watching the lake view.
  • Marmara Street, Avcilar: If you plan to do shopping, this is the address for shopping in Avcilar. Generally, the majority of those who live here or come visit this street. There are local boutiques, jewelry shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Pelican Mall, Avcilar: It is a popular shopping center due to people living in Avcilar and those coming from neighboring districts to shop or have a pleasant time.
  • Ataturk House Museum, Avcilar: The Ataturk Museum in Avcilar Ambarli is a historical heritage where you can see the traces of the War of Independence. You can see Ataturk’s and his mother’s room and witness the history closely.

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  • Avcilar Beach Park: The beach, which is the symbol of Avcilar, is a special place where you can escape in good weather. Walking trails, areas where you can do sports and lush green areas at the seaside… You can have a barbecue, have a pleasant time, walk and watch the sea.
  • Pasaeli City Park: A secret garden reserved for having a picnic in Avcilar and having a pleasant time by the sea. There are areas for your children, picnic tables, playgrounds, football field, basketball courts and many more in the park. It is one of the most popular and decent places.
  • Haluk Perk Museum, Avcilar: Avcilar draws attention to its historical structures. Haluk Perk archaeological museum is a public place where archaeological, ethnographic, and thematic collections are exhibited.
  • Pelit Chocolate Factory: We recommend you to visit Pelit Chocolate Factory where is the first chocolate museum in the world. The museum which is approximately 15 km away from the center of Avcilar, is located within the production facility with an area of ​​110.000 sqm.

Avcilar where is located on the European Side of Istanbul is right next to the important parts of the city. For this reason, living conditions are rapidly improving in Avcilar in addition to transportation.

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