Firstly, one of the best guarantee investment type real estate that involve a variety of real estate investments is mixed-use real estate investments. These investments use commercial properties, residential properties, and industrial properties in one investment.

Secondly, many people want to use the funds in their hands to make accurate and smart investments. People are afraid of investing in issues that they do not have knowledge of and want to have knowledge of the area they are investing in. For this reason, real estate is the most preferred type comparing to gold, and many other investment options in Turkey.

Finally, to make the most accurate investment with your savings, you can start by doing a detailed research. To decide which real estate is the best investment and which investment instrument will be more profitable; field, plot, housing and workplace options.

Field of Investment for Long Term Profit

With real estate investment, which is the most profitable investment tool, you can evaluate your savings correctly. The only non-production investment vehicle among immovable assets is the land. You can build the most luxurious houses, but the most valuable one is built on a precious land. Today, with the increasing population impact, the developing big cities are growing about ten km out of the city every decade. If you have at least ten years of waiting options, a field near the city center is the most profitable investment instrument.

The housing market, which has become increasingly valuable for housing needs with its increasing population, adds value to its value every year. The fact that it can be sold easily and the annual rate is regularly evaluated makes the land investment one of the most profitable real estates. The ancients have a saying: “If you think about your grandchild, take a field. A plot of land over 100 square meters per square meter stands out as a more profitable investment instrument.

Short Term Investing House For Profit

Whether you are living or investing, you can evaluate your savings by buying a house. Housing prices have been rising steadily, especially in the last decade. Increasing construction and land costs, as well as annual inflation, keep prices of housing at an all time high. It may be a profitable investment instrument to buy housing in the hope that it will be valued. You can find additional income when you rent a home. Houses in the city center can easily be rented and the rental fees are relatively high. In addition to this, you can navigate to the new developing regions of the city and to the newly opened transportation axes to gain the highest level of profit from the investment of residential buildings purchased for profit.

Business Place Investment for Rent Income

Just like in your home investment, you can choose to invest in a workplace that protects your savings against inflation by raising the value of the yearly levy and is a rental income. In particular, the place of business, the investor who is a corporate tenant, will be profitable from this investment.

In order to evaluate your savings with a profitable real estate investment, you can review real estate listings for sale in