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Beylikduzu District | Beyliduzu Guide

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Beylikduzu District | Beyliduzu Guide

Beylikduzu is the fastest-growing and transforming district in Istanbul. It is located in the west of Istanbul. Also, it is one of the most planned districts. There are usually mass housing projects, luxury compounds, and affordable villas there.

Wide streets, clean streets, and orderly structures are being developed. Also, trees and green spaces on the streets make it a liveable county.

This district stands out among the most valuable places to live in Istanbul. Because of the boulevards, wide streets, clean streets, and planned urbanization…

Moreover, it is a district that constantly gains value with its transportation vehicles and regular streets. It has 10 neighborhoods.

It has a very valuable location to reach the city center. Along with the development of the most valuable housing projects in the city, you can easily reach almost every region in Istanbul. Thanks to the diversity of transportation vehicles and being located at the junction of link roads.

So, Beylikduzu is the right option if you are looking for an organized life away from the crowd and chaos of the city.

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We will find the most suitable house in Beylikduzu as soon as possible. Furthermore, you will know the region and take the step that will add value to your dreams and budget free of charge.

Where is Beylikduzu?

Most importantly, it is a district that stands out with its calm and affordable housing projects, generally far from the city center. Also, being a planned and clean district makes Beylikduzu an attention grabber for those who want to buy a house.

Beylikduzu is a place far from the Istanbul center but close to the transportation vehicles.

East: Avcilar

West: Buyukcekmece

North: Esenyurt

If we examine the transportation opportunities in Beylikduzu, a 24-hour metrobus is at your service.

You can reach the most central locations of Istanbul for 24 hours thanks to the Beylikduzu-Zincirlikuyu metrobus route. No more traffic problems.

Taksim, the most popular location in Istanbul, can be reached directly via public transport. You can easily travel from Beylikduzu to Taksim.

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Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

What are the living conditions in Beylikduzu? 

Beylikduzu map,

The most general information about Beylikduzu is the rapidly growing population and the increasing number of housing projects.

The population of Beylikduzu: 352.412 people

Average annual population growth: 6.3%

Beylikduzu is a special living space where mass housing projects are rapidly increasing.

Beylikduzu might be your new address if you are looking for a sea view luxury house. You can choose the most suitable apartment for you among the housing projects with extensive social facilities on boulevards.

You can also find a villa suitable for your budget among the ultra-lux villa projects.

Living conditions in Beylikduzu are developing in parallel with the number of housing projects.

The rapidly increasing number of residences causes an increase in the population. Social opportunities are developing rapidly in Beylikduzu due to the increase in the population.

Beylikduzu Real Estate Investment

Buying a property in Istanbul Beylikduzu will make you a have strong investment opportunity.

Construction projects become a center of attraction for housing investors with suitable flats. Beylikduzu apartments for sale enable you to take firm steps along with rapidly increasing values.

apartments are creating a rapid transformation in the region. Housing options for sale in Beylikduzu offer attractive offers to housing buyers due to both their prices and regional transformations.

Annual sales price change of this district: 58% increase in value on average

Beylikduzu properties with a return period of 14 years will raise your standards with their average prices and housing types for every standard. It is also a powerful investment tool that will add value to your capital.

Beylikduzu Social Facilities

Beylikduzu west marina,

The remarkable feature of Beylikduzu is the region’s social facilities for those who want to live. It is an attractive region for home buyers with its advanced social living spaces.

You can watch the sea view from 10 different neighborhoods of Beylikduzu. 

It is a tranquil district for those who are looking for a quiet place for dreamy lives. It is a special place where social life is rapidly developing.

If you want to live in a place full of privileges, you should add this district into your list and get to know the region better.

You can have a valuable living space with shopping centers, parks in the region, modern structures, business, and trade centers.

The education level of the population living is high. Comfortable living opportunities are offered along with rich social living spaces.

Educational Institutions: 167

Shopping Centers: 12

There are also many private and public health institutions and organizations.

You can take pleasant walks on the district coastline. There are lush green parks, walking tracks, bicycle trails, district bazaars, and many other social areas.

Valley of Life:

  • The width of 1 million sqm
  • The largest green areas of Beylikduzu
  • Ponds, pools, waterfalls
  • Cafe and restaurants

West Istanbul Marina:

  • 900 yacht capacity
  • 14 cafes, bars, restaurants
  • Fitness center
  • Yacht club
  • Blue flag beach

Besides, housing projects and social facilities within the compounds add value to the lives of those who prefer to live in Beylikduzu.


Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Beylikduzu?

Beylikduzu real estate,

If you are researching and planning to buy a house in this district, you might want to know the answer to ‘Is Beylikduzu safe?’ You will have strong investment opportunities with industrial zones and important trade centers. All about district will be provided for you in this article.

Buying a house in Beylikduzu offers strong investment opportunities.

  • Affordable luxury housing projects
  • Ambarli Port which is among the world’s largest 50 container ports
  • District Organized Industrial Zone and Istanbul Marine Products Bazaar
  • Shopping, Fair and Congress Centers in the Region
  • New housing projects
  • Fast population growth
  • West Istanbul Marina with a capacity of 900 yachts
  • Extensive social opportunities and living spaces

While the quality of life is increasing with the opportunities that rapidly increase the value of the region, housing values ​​are increasing as well.

Do you want to buy a house in the Beylikduzu district where offers strong investment opportunities?

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