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Beyoglu District | Beyoglu Guide

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Beyoglu District | Beyoglu Guide

Beyoglu is on the European Side and is known as the most central location of Istanbul. Wide streets opening to Taksim-Istiklal Avenue which is considered the heart of the city… Beyoglu is one of the most valuable settlements in Istanbul.

Streets full of historical structures, remarkable city apartments, luxury residences, glamorous hotels and a nostalgic atmosphere will make you fall in love with it. especially visited by tourists, is a special place where you can feel the real Istanbul.

Beyoglu should be visited if you want to feel that you are in Istanbul Turkey. It enchants those who see its historical and cultural places.

In addition to being a special place in Istanbul intertwined with culture, education and arts, Beyoglu is also an important tourism center. Moreover, places of entertainment, movie theaters, restaurants and shopping arcades stand out as the most popular places in Istanbul.

Check out Beyoglu population, must-see places, transportation and other information here. If you want to live in this magical place, we will find the house that best suits your conditions.

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Let’s keep on for detailed information about this District …

Where is Beyoglu? How to Get There?

Beyoglu is on the European Side of Istanbul and is the most central region of the city.

It is right in front of the Historical Peninsula and Golden Horn.

Beyoglu, one of the most central locations of Istanbul, is outstanding due to its location as well as having the most popular structures of the city. It will also drag you into a different world with its historical and cultural heritage.

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Where is Beyoglu and how will you get there?

Beyoglu (Taksim) is a neighbor to the most valuable and popular districts of Istanbul.

Northwest: Sisli

South and the West: Golden Horn

East: Besiktas and Bosphorus

The surface area of Beyoglu on the Istanbul map is 8.5 square kilometers.

There are 45 neighborhoods in Beyoglu (Taksim). In addition to its central location, Beyoglu hosts very valuable structures.

There are things to take into account in order to get Beyoglu where gets very crowded especially in summer and spring. For this reason, you can choose to arrive at noon when the traffic is light.

History of Beyoglu

It is an important tourism center due to its historical value. Urban transformation projects are carried out in this District where is a valuable location where modern and historical buildings are all together.

Beyoglu is a cosmopolitan district. Many foreign nationals have always immigrated here. Besides, there are many foreign consulates in Beyoglu such as;

British Consulate

Germany Consulate

Netherlands Consulate

Russian Federation Consulate

Sweden of Consulate. 

Several foreign nationals still reside in many neighborhoods of Beyoglu.

Beyoglu (Taksim), where the elite class resided in the Ottoman period, became a region having economic difficulties after the First World War. However, the region has undergone extraordinary transformations since then. Particularly, Istiklal Avenue provides enormous tourism income while modern buildings have been developed around.

This district is one of the most valuable locations of Istanbul, and the heart of Istanbul. Cihangir, Gumussuyu, Karakoy or Tophane… Nowadays, infrastructure works continue at full pelt. Old buildings are being reconstructed and appreciated with the modernization of nostalgic streets.

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Population in Beyoglu

Population in Beyoglu taksim,

Beyoglu (Taksim) is outstanding with its crowded streets and avenues. Well then, how many people live in Beyoglu according to statistics data?

The population of this region: 226,396 people

External and internal migrations to Beyoglu are still ongoing.

It is a cosmopolitan region. is the favorite of tourists who stay in hotels that are suitable for all standards. In this district, which is close to almost every part of the city, the majority of the population is middle-aged. The elderly population rate is low.

  • Taksim – Istiklal Avenue
  • Cukurcuma
  • Galata – Galata Tower
  • Kabatas – Coastal Walking Trails 
  • Tophane –Historical Fountain
  • Historical Tunnel

Transportation in Beyoglu

Transportation in Beyoglu, Tram taksim,

Beyoglu expands your comfort zone with valuable transportation vehicles as well as its valuable location.

You can reach Beyoglu by ferry, metro and metrobus. one of the most central locations of Istanbul, is at the intersection of link roads, bridges and coastline.

To Istanbul Airport: 36 km, 40-45 minutes

To Sabiha Gokcen Airport: 45 km, 40 minutes

You can easily reach the Anatolian Side of Istanbul by means of transportation such as Ferry and Marmaray. You can also choose transportation by bus.

Consequently, houses in Beyoglu, where you can easily reach every part of the city by using important transportation connections, are rapidly gaining value.

You can also reach Beyoglu by tram. Nostalgic tram to Kabatas is an option that will eliminate your transportation issue in Istanbul.

Places to Visit in Beyoglu (Taksim)

Beyoglu is the district where you can feel the history… You can find real Istanbul life here. Both modern and historical values are aesthetically harmonized here.

You can feel its authentic atmosphere almost every step of the way. There are places you must see in Beyoglu. Boulevards, side streets, historical buildings, shopping areas and many other values…

Things to do in Beyoglu

Galata Tower, Inside Galata,

There are many historical places. There are many things to see and experience. Flavors you need to try and more… This District is a special place to create unforgettable memories.

  • Galata Tower: It is located around the Galata Walls. It is a touristic area open to pedestrian traffic only. The tower, which was a watchtower in the past, is nowadays a symbolic structure of Istanbul.
  • Istiklal Avenue: It is one of the most crowded and valuable streets of Istanbul. You can find shops, historic places, restaurants, cafes and many more places.
  • Miniaturk: ​​It is an open-air museum where models of the most valuable buildings of the country are exhibited.
  • Modern Istanbul: It is the first art museum in Turkey.
  • Rahmi Koc Museum: It is on the shore of the Golden Horn. It is the first museum on transportation and industry.
  • Pera Museum: It is a museum where important exhibitions are held in Istanbul.
  • Cite de Pera: The street of the historical arcade with 24 shops and 18 luxury flats opens to Istiklal Avenue.

And other must-see places:

  • Taksim Gezi Park
  • St. Antuan Church
  • Galatasaray Museum
  • Taksim square
  • Kamondo Stairs
  • Galatasaray Turkish Bath
  • Cihangir Mosque
  • Illusion Museum
  • Cukurcuma Bath
  • Orhan Kemal Museum
  • French Palace

As being an important tourism center, is a cosmopolitan district where the most valuable buildings of Istanbul are developed. Take a look at Beyoglu for your dreams of living in Istanbul.

You can request an appointment from our expert sales consultants to find the most suitable house for you in Beyoglu (Taksim).