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Bursa City

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Bursa City

Put aside all of the things you know about Bursa! We have gathered the most frequently asked, followed, and overlooked ones about “Green Bursa”. Bursa is known as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Within our Bursa guide, you can learn the places, population, districts, and even the climate. You will get knowledge about the things you have never heard of and make exciting plans.

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The Location of Bursa on the Map

The first thing you need to know about Bursa is the location of it on the map. It is one of the touristic centers which are mostly visited by foreigners and Turkish people every year.

Bursa is located in the Marmara Region, and it is an attractive city because of having historical and natural beauties. Bursa is located in the north of the Sea of Marmara. It also neighbors with Kocaeli and Sakarya. Also, Bursa which is a neighbor with Kutahya and Bilecik has gained popularity as a center of tourism due to its proximity to Uludag.

Bursa where is one of the most valuable tourism centers in Turkey gains a reputation as an attractive city for both domestic and foreign people.

It is the second biggest city in the Marmara Region following Istanbul and the 4. biggest city in Turkey.

Bursa gains importance as the city which gets the most exports following Istanbul. In addition to being an important center in the field of industry and trade, the city gaining value rapidly with its historical and touristic areas also gains attraction by being a popular tourism center all year long.

What brings all these privileges together is the location of Bursa on the map!

What Is the Weather Like in Bursa? 

bursa weather,

Bursa is one of the most valuable and important tourism and economy centers in Turkey because of its location features and climatic characteristics as well.

The most important factor that adds value to Bursa and makes it an important tourism center is the climatic characteristics! If you make a trip to Bursa or you want to live in Bursa, check the weather conditions of the city. Determine the best period for the date you will visit.

The average temperature: 21 degrees during May-October

The average temperature: 34 degrees in August

Usually rainy and mild during November-April

Weather conditions vary in every region In Bursa which has a mild climate usually. Located close to Uludag Bursa, which is a tourism center, has harsh climatic conditions sometimes.

In the north of Bursa, warm weather conditions are dominant with the effect of the Sea of Marmara. We can say that four seasons have been experienced in different regions in the same period in Bursa.

After snowboarding in Uludag in April, you can go to other regions and feel autumn, spring, and summer in the same period.

Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul!

About Bursa Population

bursa pepople,
City View

-There are 17 counties in total.

-The total population of Bursa is 2.7 Million (Almost 50.000 persons increase annually)

Foreign nationals request the highest demand for housing investment in Bursa. Especially Arab tourists and investors greatly demand. While there is an extraordinary transformation in Bursa, which is in high demand for both investment and life, there is a constant population increase.

Living conditions in Bursa city which has turned into an attraction center, are improving with the constant increase of the high-income groups. Bursa is a crucial city in many fields such as industry, trade, agriculture, and textile. The city has an increase in employment, economic developments, sectoral growth, population increase, and fast increase in quality of life!

Things to do in Bursa Turkey

Iznik Lake bursa,
Iznik Lake

You now have general information about Bursa such as weather conditions, location, population, transportation, and more. However, the most important thing is what to do in Bursa. There are certain activities to do in Bursa. Let’s check them out!


If you make a trip to Bursa, there are some must-try things and must-do activities. Especially mountains in Bursa Turkey are worth seeing!

  • Uludag – Snowboarding
  • Iznik Lake – Canoeing
  • Cumalikizil – Breakfast
  • Golyazi – Boat Trip
  • Mudanya and Trilye – Nature Trips and Activities  


Put aside all of the things you have heard about Bursa! Here are the places to visit in Bursa Turkey.

Grand Mosque of Bursa

–        Grand Mosque of Bursa

–        Bursa City Museum

–        Uludag National Park

–        The Bursa Castle


Iskender Kebab,
Iskender Kebab

Iskender Kebab: You have never been to Bursa and do not know anything about it? Then, you must taste Iskender Kebab initially. In general, tasting Iskender Kebab ranks first in to-do lists of those who want to make a trip to Bursa. You need to search for the most popular places for Iskender and you can have a feast of flavor in this city which is a tourism center during the whole year. You might even wait in queue for eating it, but be ensured to experience an Iskender Restaurant to be, and be a regular at there! Restaurants Bursa Turkey will never let you down!

Candied Chestnut: Another thing you must taste in Bursa is the candied chestnuts which are daily and freshly produced. There are dozens of varieties and it a great gift on the way back for loved ones!

How to Get to Bursa?

bursa airport,
Bursa Airport

Another thing you need to know about Bursa is how to get there. Of course, you can travel by your private vehicle, you can insert the location you want to reach on your navigation. However, getting informed rather than these applications that will make it easier for you without any difficulty and wasting time will make your travel easier!

If you are going to benefit from transportation vehicles, you can check the times and dates on the official websites and take a look at the fastest transportation opportunities. Istanbul to Bursa ferry tickets can be easily found all the time.

The easiest way to get to Bursa is by sea through Istanbul. It is also possible to reach Bursa by air! You can transport from Bursa Yenisehir Airport.

Between the airport and Bursa city center: 20 minutes

Air transportation between Istanbul and Bursa: 36 minutes

By your private car, you can go to the Osmangazi Bridge through the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, and reach Bursa within 1.5 hours.

This precious city connecting Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara hosts vital link roads due to its location! If you do not prefer sea transportation or air transportation through Istanbul, you can also visit these cities via your private vehicle.

Bursa – Ankara The Capital of Turkey: 385 km

Istanbul – Bursa: 245 km

Bursa – Izmir: 330 km

You can get to Bursa with your private vehicle by land. So, you won’t get lost by using map applications. You can easily reach Bursa by using land, air, or sea transportation.