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EBRD: 13 Billion Euro Investment in Turkey to date

EBRD: 13 Billion Euro Investment in Turkey to date

Basso, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), briefed the investment targets related to the Turkish economy.

According to the statements, the Turkish economy is strong, resilient, and stable enough to experience a steady development following the global health crisis.

Turkey has become the country where the EBRD has made the most investment activities. A total of 13 billion euros have been invested in Turkey to date. Also, they aim to invest 1,5 billion euros later this year.

 93% of Investments in Turkey Made into Private Sector

EBRD plans strong activities for its 2021 targets as proceeding their investment activities in Turkey. Moreover, 93% of the investments belong to the private sector in Turkey.

“Turkish Economy Had Been Extremely Resilient”

While the EBRD celebrated its 30th anniversary, President Renaud Basso talked about the investment targets and the confidence in the Turkish economy.

In line with the statements, Turkey will recover its economy quickly and steadily after the COVID-19 epidemic. Turkey also has strong resistance elements in terms of growth capacity and economy.

EBRD President Basso; “Turkish economy had been extremely resilient. Turkey has the capacity to grow again, as in the 2008 crisis.”

Turkey Has Provided the Highest Liquidity Support Among G20 Countries!

 1,5 Billion Euro Investment Target

They made a 1,7 billion euro investment in 2020 and a 1,5 billion euro investment is the goal for 2021 according to the statements. She continued her speech by mentioning that the company will continue strong activities in Turkey.

339 Projects to date!

EBRD that is one of Turkey’s leading institutional investors has invested 13 billion euros in Turkey through 339 projects to date.

Besides, they will focus on sectors such as energy, women, and equality of opportunity, youth participation in the economy, and digitalization in the long view.

All Tourism Employees in Turkey Will Be Vaccinated in May!

Turkey, Only Country Achieved Growth in 2020!

 In line with the statements of EBRD President Basso, Turkey is the only country that achieved growth along with China among G20 countries in 2020.

 It has been also announced that the three countries that achieved positive growth in 2020 were Turkey, Egypt, and Uzbekistan.

Support to Turkey During the COVID 19 Epidemic!

EBRD President Basso said that strong support will be given to Turkey during the process of overcoming the global health crisis. EBRD belongs to 69 countries across five continents and the European Union and the European Investment Bank.

They make the most investments in Turkey. EBDR’s biggest shareholders are the USA, France, Russia, and Germany.

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