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Buyukcekmece District | Buyukcekmece Guide

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Buyukcekmece District | Buyukcekmece Guide

Buyukcekmece is one of the most valuable and largest districts of the Istanbul European Side. The region is located in the west of Istanbul. So, it is a popular living center due to its location.

It might not seem as popular as other tourist destinations. However, do not be deceived!

Buyukcekmece is a valuable social living space for both residents and visitors. The rapidly increasing number of residences increases the value of the region as well as the transportation facilities.

Besides, the population is rapidly growing here. The order of the region and the cleanliness of the streets is another remarkable part.

Buyukcekmece is a notable region of Istanbul. It has gained a reputation for its fastest developing and affordable housing options. Buyukcekmece and its surroundings might be one of the prominent places to look, especially if you want to buy affordable villas.

It neighbors Beylikduzu, Catalca, Arnavutkoy and Silivri.

In addition to being close to popular destinations frequently visited by vacationers such as Kumburgaz, Celaliye and Kamiloba, it is an important place for holiday tourism.

Investing and buying a house in Buyukcekmece mean a lifetime investment.

The potential for return on investment is very high. Don’t suppose that it’s far from the city center! You can easily reach the city center without wasting time due to the link roads and transportation network.

If you want to buy a house in Istanbul, Sale Property Turkey will list the house options that best suit your living standards. So, we will provide a comprehensive housing portfolio for you. It is also very easy to find a house that fits your budget in the area.

You can request an appointment from our expert consultants for your dreams without wasting time.

History of Buyukcekmece

Mimar sinan bridge,

Buyukcekmece has undergone an extraordinary transformation in recent years. With the urban transformation activities and the development of social living spaces, the region rapidly gains value.

Buyukcekmece was used as an agricultural and recreational area in the Ottoman period. It is also a place used as accommodation by armies.

Many historical buildings still preserve their value.

There are mansions, mosques, fountains and many other cultural heritages from the Ottomans.

Heritage and cultural values ​​are preserved together in the Culture Park around Buyukcekmece Lake. The surroundings of Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece lakes are valuable for getting fresh air and having a picnic.

Buyukcekmece has the characteristic of being a bridge from the past to the present. It still develops along with contemporary structures.

Population in Buyukcekmece

Population in Buyukcekmece,

The population in Buyukcekmece has a rapid growth. The increasing number of residences and modern buildings in the region draw attention.

Buyukcekmece, whose population is rapidly increasing, is appreciated as one of the most valuable districts in Istanbul.

Population in Buyukcekmece: 257,362

is located in the west of Istanbul European Side, is a very valuable settlement. Major branded housing projects are being developed, and affordable apartments and amenities make the area attractive. Thus, the population is rapidly increasing.

Where is Buyukcekmece?

This District is one of the places most frequently visited by those who want to buy a house in Istanbul.

It has a 25-km-coastline and 24 neighborhoods.

Buyukcekmece, the first choice of those who want to live in Istanbul, is a neighbor to the most important districts of Istanbul.

To Istanbul Airport: 40 minutes

To Sabiha Gokcen Airport: 1 hour 30 minutes

It is in the Marmara Region of Istanbul and the west.

North: Catalca, Arnavutkoy

East: Esenyurt

South: Beylikduzu, Marmara Sea

West: Silivri

  • Taksim: 58 minutes
  • Besiktas: 1 hour
  • Sisli 50 minutes
  • Bakirkoy: 25 minutes
  • Levent. 55 minutes
  • Maslak: 1 hour

Esenyurt District,


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Advantages of Living in Buyukcekmece

Buyukcekmece is an important district with its regional values ​​and opportunities. Art and cultural centers, clean and tidy streets are attractive at first sight. Luxury housing projects, transformation areas, many education institutions or hospitals add value to the value of the region.

There are 17 official health institutions and 16 private health institutions in Buyukcekmece.

Buyukcekmece is valuable for housing investment. The value of the houses is increasing rapidly in the region where the opportunities of social and cultural life are rapidly developed. Newly developed buildings add a modern silhouette to the region.

Buyukcekmece Depreciation Period: 21 Years

Average Housing Prices TL350,000

If you plan to live in Buyukcekmece, the house you will buy will provide a lifetime return and offer valuable living spaces. Furthermore, most of the residences in the region have a view of Buyukcekmece Lake.

Just compare the house that meets your standards with the housing prices in the city center. You will notice that you will make a big profit.

There is a traffic problem in almost every corner of Istanbul and even the world. Buyukcekmece has important link roads.

Vehicles such as Marmaray, Metrobus, bus and tram are benefited.

Comfortable transportation between Istanbul European and Anatolian Side is provided. You can easily reach every part of Istanbul. If you wish, just your private vehicle or take advantage of public transportation vehicles.

If you want to live in Buyukcekmece, you can find many peaceful and isolated housing options from the chaos of the city. Let’s find the house that suits your budget and criterion without wasting your precious time.

Expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey will organize virtual tours to find the ideal home for you. And, get more information about the region.

Shopping Centers in Buyukcekmece

Aymerkez Mall,

Important shopping centers in Istanbul Buyukcekmece add value to living conditions in the region. Outlets, shopping centers having world-known brands and streets lined with local boutiques!

  • Akmerkez Mall
  • Tepekent Shopping Center
  • Istanbul Outlet Park
  • Atirus Shopping Center
  • Tepepark Shopping Mall

There are many residences close to shopping centers in Buyukcekmece. Also, some residential and villa projects have stores in them.

istanbul galataport, galataport, istanbul


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Places to Visit in Buyukcekmece

Buyukcekmece Belediye,

There is a great transformation in This District and the region also draws attention due to its rapid population growth. There are people coming here from neighboring districts or distant parts of the city.

Istanbul Buyukcekmece is one of the biggest counties and hosts the highest TV Tower in Turkey.

TUYAP: The biggest exhibition area in Turkey.

Buyukcekmece Beach or Kumburgaz Beach: Buyukcekmece is a great place to swim in Istanbul. It is 12 km away from Kumburgaz Beach where is one of the most frequently visited places by citizens and tourists in summer.

Aqua Marine Water Park: Istanbul’s largest water park is a frequent destination for those who want to have fun.

Kutadgu Bilig Public Library: It is a library with 25 thousand books. This District is an arts-friendly district with libraries and educational institutions that have important books.

Mimaroba Bar Street: Nightlife in Buyukcekmece is dynamic especially in spring and summer. We recommend you to visit Bar Street to have fun.

Social facilities and places where you can have a good time are endless in this District.

Hotels and Restaurants in Buyukcekmece

Kumburgaz Marin Princess Hotel
Kumburgaz Marin Princess Hotel

This District is attractive due to more than 30 hotels, shopping malls and restaurants. It is a special place with both the zones developed for trade and business and new houses.

There are hotels and important facilities for tourists. You can stay in a hotel having private coasts or rent a house. Or take a look at the rapidly increasing housing options.

Buyukcekmece is very crowded especially during the fair and congress periods. There may not be any vacancies in the facilities. Buying a property in Buyukcekmece will provide both a strong investment and add value to your life!

Request an appointment from the expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey now. Get to know the region and have the opportunity to gain a lifetime income.