China’s Freight Train Crosses Europe By Marmaray

China’s Freight Train Crosses Europe By Marmaray, which will travel about 11 thousand 483 kilometers, became the first freight train to reach Europe through Marmaray through the Bosphorus.

Moving with 42 container-loaded wagons, the total length of 820 meters, the freight train made its transition to Europe in 2 parts. Container loaded 21 cars a locomotive State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, the remaining portion of the locomotive pulled out from China.

China Railway Express, the first freight train from China to Europe; 2 continents, 10 countries, crossing the two seas, 11 thousand 483 kilometers of roads in 12 days and will reach it’s last stop Prague.


820 meters long train left Xi’an-China on October 15th and entered Turkey from Kars on November 5th.

This was a first for Marmaray which connects the two sides of İstanbul together with Gebze and Halkalı stations.

Trans-Caspian China Railway Express Chang’an Train departed from Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station on November 6, 2019 at 14.30 with the participation of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan and continued its direction in Europe by crossing from Marmaray at 03:30 at night.  The China’s freight train going towards Prague became the first freight train passing through Marmaray.