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Esenyurt District | Esenyurt Guide

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Esenyurt District | Esenyurt Guide

You can find out all about the Esenyurt district population, history, social life areas, housing projects, and more here. It is one of the rapidly appreciating districts of the European Side of Istanbul. Especially with the newly developed housing projects and location features of Esenyurt.

The most powerful factor in the increase of the value and population of Esenyurt is the universities.

We guarantee that it will be the right address for you! Especially if you are looking for a valuable living space where you can find affordable and comfortable apartments.

Moreover, you can find the most suitable options for your living conditions and budget by getting more information from the expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

Where is Esenyurt? Far from The City Center?

General information about Esenyurt is that mass housing projects and urban transformation activities are ongoing…

Do you want to live in Esenyurt? Transportation vehicles, link roads and many other transportation alternatives will be right next to you in Esenyurt.

So, where is Esenyurt which is one of the rapidly transforming and appreciating districts of the European Side of Istanbul?

There is Kucukcekmece Lake in the east of Esenyurt and Buyukcekmece Lake in the west.

In the north, TEM Highway

In the south, E-5 Highway

Esenyurt is rapidly gaining value with its link roads and transportation vehicles. Besides, it is preferred for living because it is neighboring the most valuable districts of Istanbul European Side.

West: Buyukcekmece

North: Basaksehir

Northwest: Arnavutkoy

East: Avcilar

South: Beylikduzu

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Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

Is it far from the city center?

Esenyurt is approximately 20 km away from Istanbul’s center.

You may need to get away from the city center in order to go to Esenyurt. However, it has a location where you can easily reach the city center.

It is neighbor with the rapidly developing districts of Istanbul that are transforming due to housing projects in particular. Thus, Esenyurt might be a district where you would prefer to live.

How to get Esenyurt District?

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Another important thing to know about Esenyurt is the means of transportation. You also need to know how to reach other districts of Istanbul from Esenyurt. You can also learn some statistics for Esenyurt to know the county better.

Esenyurt, the district of Istanbul’s European Side, rapidly gains value and still transforming. You can easily reach there by public transportation.

It is neighbors with Buyukcekmece, Avcilar, Beylikduzu, Arnavutkoy and Basaksehir. For this reason, you can also benefit from connecting transportation.

You can reach the most central region of Istanbul European Side within a 1-hour journey. Metrobus is the most frequently used means of transportation in this region.

You can directly reach by your private vehicle.

Also, you can choose to use a bus or minibus.

There are transportation vehicles such as a ferry, tram or Marmaray. If you want to arrive at every district of the city by connection transportation…

Istanbul Airport – Esenyurt: 30 km – 39 minutes

Sabiha Gokcen Airport – Esenyurt: 77km – 1 hour 5 minutes

You can choose free-of-charge vehicles to travel between Istanbul Airport and Esenyurt.

History of Esenyurt

esenyurt History,

In 1989, Esenyurt was separated from Buyukcekmece on the seaside. Esenyurt district which is neighbor with the important districts of Istanbul European Side has its own municipality since then.

Population in Esenyurt is constantly increasing as a consequence of the migrations. The county gains value with the rapid increase of different ethnic identities and new housing projects.

Since 1920, several Bulgarian and Romanian people have immigrated to the region. The majority of the resident population constitutes the immigrant population. Important developments are taking place in Esenyurt. The region is experiencing rapid population growth with both internal and external migrations.

Most importantly, significant transformations are taking place in Esenyurt where is one of the most valuable districts of the European Side of Istanbul. Immigrant neighborhoods and almost every part of the city have undergone significant transformations and host important developments.

Population in Esenyurt

Esenyurt has an increase in value as an important life center due to migrations and living spaces.

Esenyurt population: 957,398 people

The majority of the population living in Esenyurt constitutes of people who buy houses and foreign nationalities.

Esenyurt’s population is rapidly increasing. Because it is one of the most valuable and fastest population growth districts on the European Side of Istanbul.

Where are Social Living Spaces in Esenyurt?

There are 7 shopping centers in Esenyurt. The remarkable ones are;

  • Torium Shopping Center
  • Akbati Shopping Center
  • Marmara Park Mall
  • City Center Outlet
  • Bauhaus

There are parks, social living areas, culture and art center, water park, entertainment centers. There are several places to visit in Esenyurt such as recreation areas, health institutions, and cinema halls.

Avcilar Coast – Esenyurt Center: 12km

Besides, Pelit Chocolate Factory is one of the important addresses that add value to the region. The chocolate production center and the chocolate museum are other important symbols of the region.

About Esenyurt Education Centres

Another important thing about Esenyurt is the universities in the region.

For instance, Istanbul Esenyurt University is one of the important universities in Istanbul Esenyurt. The university ensures the increase of the young population in Esenyurt.

Moreover, it gains value with its proximity to the important universities of Istanbul. So, universities close to Esenyurt and internationally recognized are;

  • Istanbul Arel University
  • Beykent University
  • Istanbul and Istanbul Gelisim University

About Esenyurt Real Estate Market

esenyurt real estate,

One of the most popular things about Esenyurt is that there is an exceptionally fast-growing real estate market. The number of affordable properties in Esenyurt is increasing day by day. Consequently, Esenyurt is the fastest-growing real estate market in Istanbul. Furthermore, properties with high investment potential are rapidly gaining attraction for housing investors.

In Esenyurt, where immovables rapidly gain value;

Average turnaround time: 16 years

Housing sizes on average: 110 square meters

There are residential options in Esenyurt that are experiencing an extraordinarily rapid increase in value.

Do you want to purchase one of the rapidly increasing housing options in Esenyurt district? If so, just make an appointment to have more information and consultancy services from Sale Property Turkey. By filling out the form, you can get more information about the region and find the most suitable house.