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Fatih District | Fatih Guide

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Fatih District | Fatih Guide

Fatih is an important tourism and transportation center of Istanbul. As one of the most important historical regions of Istanbul, Fatih is famous for its historical streets, restaurants, hotels, historical cafes, and popular restaurants serving local delicacies. Fatih is also full of assets that will fascinate you at the very beginning of your journey.

The structures which have preserved their value and originality since they were developed are the symbol of Fatih. For instance, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia, Women’s Bazaar… The things you will witness here will amaze you! Its atmosphere will drag you into an amazing world you don’t want to leave.

If you want to leave here or even want to live, expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey will offer the most suitable housing options in line with your budget and living conditions. Moreover, it will be your city guide while determining your demands while we introduce Fatih and its surroundings.

History of FatihHistory of Fatih,

Fatih is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city and even in Turkey. It is a place like a fairy tale with its history and narrated stories.

It takes its name from Mehmed the Conqueror who is an Ottoman ruler who conquered Istanbul in 1453. The region still preserves the value as the reflection of Byzantine and Ottoman structures and architecture. We can say that living in Fatih where is one of the most crowded and sparkling places in Turkey is privileged.

Every step you take in this fascinating place will make you feel like walking on history. Fatih, where many iconic historical buildings are located, is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Being the capital city during the Ottoman and Byzantine periods, Fatih has hosted several social places belonging to the Ottoman Royalty and Byzantine period.

Where is Fatih? How to Get There? 

Fatih is on the European Side of Istanbul. Its historical streets are crowded almost every hour of the day. Both citizens and tourists can find hundreds of reasons to come here.

There are 57 neighborhoods in Fatih.

Southwest: Zeytinburnu

Northwest: Eyupsultan

North: Golden Horn

East: Bosphorus

South: Marmara Sea

To Istanbul Airport: 44 km – 40 minutes

To  Sabiha Gokcen Airport: 49km – 40 minutes

Beyoglu, Taksim, Galata, istanbul,

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Population in Fatih

Fatih is an important tourism center along with 57 neighborhoods.

As well as its touristic value, is an important area for Turkey’s most important developers. The number of people who want to live here is increasing day by day.

Population in Fatih: 396,600 people

With urban transformation projects, not only houses but also social living conditions are transforming. Istanbul houses with modern architecture, concept hotels, historical restaurants, bazaars add value to the region.

 Places to Visit in Fatih

Fatih is one of the wealthiest places in the world to live and for sightseeing. Fatih where fish festivals are held every year is a popular place with festivals as well as must-see places.

  • The Million Monument: It is known that the starting point of the world was Sultanahmet in the past. The Million Monument which was used as the center to measure the distances is exhibited in Sultanahmet Square with the renovations made recently.
  • Hagia Sophia: Hagia Sophia, which was a church in the Byzantine period and a mosque in the Ottoman period, is of international importance nowadays.
  • Women’s Bazaar: You can find restaurants and cafes as well as places that sell many foodstuffs such as meat and dairy products in Fatih.
  • Basilica Cistern: The museum rising from the water is stunning with its marble columns. As one of the magnificent historical buildings of Istanbul, it is mentioned in Dan Brown’s novel Inferno.


  • Topkapi palace

Topkapi Palace,
Topkapi Palace
  • Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate,
Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
  • The Spice Bazaar

  • Suleymaniye Mosque

  • Fatih Mosque


  • Eminonu Fish Sandwich Makers

  • Gulhane Park

  • Fener Old Greek Neighborhood

The Price of Houses for Sale in Fatih in Istanbul

Fatih is one of the most valuable districts of the Istanbul European Side. Life here might be as in fairy tales. You will find traces of history in every street. The population of students and young people is dense in This region .

Buying a house in Fatih is a powerful investment instrument. While housing prices are rapidly increasing, the turnaround time is also very short compared to other districts.

Average Housing Prices: 490,580 TL

Average Turnaround Time: 17 Years

The most popular districts of Fatih whose population is rapidly increasing:

  • Aksaray: The region hosts several trade centers.
  • Balat: It is a fascinating district included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Cemberlitas: There is a world-known Turkish Bath.
  • Capa: One of the city’s biggest hospitals is located here.
  • Eminonu: It is one of the must-visit places in Istanbul suc as Spice Bazaar. Galata Bridge is a special place famous for historical fishermen.
  • Edirnekapi: As one of the most well-known districts of Istanbul, Edirnekapi has one of the city walls of Istanbul.
  • Findikzade: It is the district between Topkapi and Aksaray that gathers the avenues of Vatan and Millet.

There are many other famous districts such as Kumkapi, Yenikapi, Vefa, Unkapani and Beyazit…

Fatih will surely mesmerize you. If you want to live in this region where the most historical districts of Istanbul are located request an appointment from Sale Property Turkey. Our expert sales consultants will find the most suitable house for you and get to know the area by taking advantage of our regional guide.