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Istanbul City

About Turkey

Istanbul City

Istanbul City

Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

The European Side where Istanbul fascinates with its sparkle.  Furthermore, the Anatolian Side where attracts attention with its decent population grabs the attention of the whole world. We have gathered all the need-to-know things about Istanbul for you. Here is an Istanbul city guide!

The strategic location, stable economy, regional transformations, and flashy properties make Turkey a powerful global figure.

The Republic of Turkey draws a riveting picture for the foreigners because of its geopolitical location, cultural and historical heritage, young and dynamic population.

Turkey also attracts the whole world due to its population, economic strength, industry, and production capacity.

A city where you will dream of living against a fascinating sea, crowded shopping streets, sparkling structures, glamorous buildings. Moreover, young population, old mosques, art centers, quality education and medical services, financial centers and more!

If you want to take advantage of these tempting offers such as living, investing or studying, you can consider buying a property. Also, you can obtain Turkish Citizenship by purchasing one of the attractive properties worth minimum $250.000 in a fast and easy way.

You can take advantage of the privileges of the opportunities to know Tukey. If you desire, you can buy an apartment, wander around the streets to feel the dynamic and nostalgic atmosphere of the city. You can get enchanted by watching the glow of the Bosphorus all day long. We guarantee you will fall in love!

Where Exactly is Istanbul on the Map?

istanbul map
Istanbul Map

The most researched thing about Istanbul is “where is Istanbul on the map?”… Turkey’s most populous and valuable city is Istanbul. Let’s take a look at the map.

This attractive city is located in the Marmara Region of Turkey. There is the Black Sea on the north and the Marmara Sea on the south. Istanbul’s position on the map increases the value of the country both economically and strategically.

This spectacular city which links two continents which are Asia and Europe, is the one and only in the world regarding this issue. Istanbul that is located in the northwest of Turkey is a transcontinental city.

Moreover, there are 39 counties in Istanbul where is the home to the Bosphorus.

The Most Valuable Districts in Istanbul

sultan ahmet,
Sultan Ahmet

Another thing you need to know about Istanbul is its districts, particularly if you plan to live. You can select the most ideal location to live by examining the fastest-growing neighborhoods of the city.

Are you planning to make a short visit, live or invest? Regardless of your purpose, if you plan to come to Istanbul, there are some districts you need to visit. While Istanbul improves along with its extraordinary transformation, its iconic districts also attract people.

If you want to buy a house in Istanbul, we can recommend different locations for you, but if you want to travel and feel the real Istanbul, you need to visit precious locations such as Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet which are in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

These are the districts on the European Side of Istanbul that are enriched with iconic symbols. These districts are Taksim, Besiktas, Bebek, Ortakoy, Emirgan, and Tarabya which are also appreciated by new residences, and mysterious old structures.

Kanlica, Kandilli, Kadikoy and Uskudar are located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. These are also special locations where Istanbul history and modernization are harmonized.

Certain locations which are shown as the center of tourism increase the value of the city and play essential roles in the development of social areas. is famous for its nightlife, entertainment venues, social facilities, cuisine, shopping centers and many other values.

Almost every district has its own unprecedented characteristics. For this reason, you should research and know not only popular but also popular districts. You will be fascinated!

  • Beylikduzu
  • Esenyurt
  • Sisli
  • Beyoglu
  • Avcilar
  • Fatih
  • Buyukcekmece

Istanbul Population View

One of the most outstanding things about Istanbul might be its dense population with diversified identities and citizens from different countries. When you look at the general average of the country, you can clearly see that there is a crowded and dynamic young population.

Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey. It is one of the leading cities in the world due to its social, economic and historical values. Approximately 15 million people live in the city.

When we examine the increasing numbers of housing sales, we can clearly perceive this increase. Increasing interest in Istanbul attracts attention all over the world.

While its young and dynamic population is constantly increasing, enormous changes are experienced in every part of the city along with the urban transformation activities. Brand-new social living areas are developed along with these transformations.

Rapid growth occurs in the fields of employment, production, trade and industry along with the increasing population. The atmosphere and living spaces of the city are also rapidly developing. This is an important system that increases the magic of the city each passing day.

What is the Weather Like in Istanbul?

istanbul, city,

Another important thing you should know about Istanbul is the weather conditions. Due to its location characteristics, Istanbul is affected by the Black Sea and Mediterranean climate. Istanbul which has a mild climate. It means that is hot in summers and cold and rainy in winters.

The average temperature in the summer is 23 degrees,

The average temperature in winter is 4 degrees.

If you come to Turkey, you will see that the sunlight sparkles on the four corners of the city in the mornings. You can watch the reflection of the Bosphorus and stars at night. You can start your day with the calls of the birds and feel the balance of the air even in winters.

What to Do in Istanbul?

Istiklal Street

What is the most researched thing about Istanbul is how one day passes in Istanbul… To do list in this city is countless! You can visit iconic districts and closely witness the culture in historical places.

You can take a walk along the coastline of the city and spend pleasant times in the social areas in the city. If you are a shopper, we guarantee you will be glad. You can go to a shopping center and take pleasant walks on the boulevards and crowded streets of the city.

You can pass from one side of Istanbul to another, you can take the ferry and watch the historical buildings. also You can make an energetic start to the day in the most valuable breakfast restaurants and make a pleasant start to spend your whole day. also You can go to shopping malls and have a snack to relieve your tiredness.

We can advise you to stop by Istinye Park, Cevahir Shopping Mall, Zorlu Center, Kanyon Shopping Mall, Aqua Florya Shopping Mall or Emaar Square which is one of the newest in the city. You can also visit the stores of world-famous brands, entertainment and art centers. We can guarantee that Istanbul shopping and living centers will provide valid reasons to come back to this city.

You can both shop and relieve the tiredness of the day in the world-famous Istanbul restaurants within Vadistanbul that is the biggest largest mixed-use project in Turkey.

If you do not want to be trapped in the shopping centers, you can visit other living areas that will add value to your life. We are pretty sure that not only Istanbul, but also you have heard about Istiklal Avenue which is one of the most popular destinations in Istanbul. We strongly advise you to walk until you have footsore in the living centers that have become the focus of social and cultural life all over the world. Nisantasi Valikonagi Street or Bagdat Avenue attract the attention of both locals and foreigners due to hosting street shops, crowded streets, touristic centers and more!

In case you visit Istanbul or choose this fascinating city to live in, we will be able to provide numerous opportunities for you. Istanbul becomes a center of attraction as a valuable living center due to its global power! Istanbul hotels will also fascinate you.

10 Must-See Places in Istanbul

Places to visit

Istanbul has very valuable living centers due to its valuable location! You might get perplexed by visits to the city where you can spend time at any time of day and you will never get enough.

We can say that even a Turkish citizen does not have enough time to see the whole city. Moreover, there are valuable places that are overlooked by even the locals.

You can get support from our consultants to find the supportive factor for you to visit this fascinating city as well as spending a day in Istanbul. You can discover must-see art galleries, living centers, and historical places. There are also special delicacies that you should absolutely taste.

There are historical locations in Istanbul where you can fully feel the Turkish culture. Historical restaurants, Turkish baths, iconic streets where you can taste Turkish cuisine might be your first reason to visit this mesmerizing city! You will discover several things about Istanbul tourism.

You have many reasons to add value to your life in the city. Restaurants, cafes, living centers, parks, forests, art galleries, and more are all together on crowded and attractive streets!

Istanbul is a global center where you can find literally everything about Istanbul culture!

We can guarantee that we will not be able to tell you or even show what you can do in this magnificent city where people with different identities live together in a peaceful way. What you can do in the city is literally limitless!

  1. Visit the places full of iconic and historical symbols!
  2. You can take a walk along the coastline by viewing Bosphorus. We advise you to start your day by visiting one of the famous breakfast restaurants.
  3. You should visit the famous Islands that will make you feel in the land of fairy tales.
  4. Watch the streets full of nostalgic structures designed as new social living spaces! You will be glad as you walk through the causey streets hosting colorful little flats.
  5. Visit the Spice Bazaar, Pierre Loti, Eminonu or Istiklal Avenue which are popular in Istanbul, however never limit yourself!
  6. Discover art centers, exhibitions, and museums. You will not be able to forget the areas where contemporary artifacts and historical artifacts exist.
  7. Walk-in Moda, Macka Park or Bebek Beach and get into the local residents.
  8. You can go to the Belgrad Forest or visit the coastal towns far from the city center. You can dine against the sea view at fishermen or integrate with nature in picnic areas.
  9. Visit historic mosques or churches, nurture your soul.
  10. You can search for a decent street. Feel the atmosphere of Istanbul on your own! Take your favorite drink with you, breathe the air and disappear in the silence!

What are the Historical Places in Istanbul?


Historical places are numerous in Istanbul. There are not only museums, historical prayer places or bazaars, but also places having nostalgic structures in the unique districts of the city.

Balat, Beyazit, Galata, Asiyan, Sariyer or Kuzguncuk… There are both modern and old buildings and districts on postcards on both sides of Istanbul. You may need to get lost in the streets if you want to discover all these historical places.

Don’t waste time exploring the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Sultanahmet Square, Historical Mansions, Spice Bazaar, Mihrabat Grove, Camlica Hill, and many other unheard-of historical places in Istanbul. Go backpacking step by step!

What are the Frequently Used Transportation Vehicles in Istanbul?

metro istanbul,
Metro Istanbul

If you have detailed information about Istanbul, historical places, living centers and more, we can move on to transportation vehicles. Travelling to the locations appreciated by mega projects in Istanbul is very fast and comfortable!

Transportation in Istanbul turns into a pleasant journey rather than a necessity with the development of road, sea and air transportation vehicles. Transportation vehicles that facilitate transportation due to ample networks have the latest technology. You can experience rail transportation systems, submarine transportation and many other transportation routes.


Metrobus, Metro


Ferry, Sea Taxi



Istanbul Airport

you can reach both sides of the city by metro or metrobus easily. You can reach every district of Istanbul without losing time by metro or metrobus, or you can even reach out of the city by transferring.

Istanbul airport,
Istanbul Airport

While Airport, which is the biggest airport in the world, facilitates your domestic and international transportation. You can easily take advantage of public transportation without any traffic issues into the city. Moreover, you will only have to pay a few Turkish Liras from one region to another. If you desire, you can rent a car and use the valuable link roads and bridges and make a comfortable journey.

If you want to live by purchasing an Istanbul property, the projects that are next to transportation vehicles and link roads will be center of attraction for you. You can get more information from our sales consultants to discover the housing options close to Istanbul Airport or transportation vehicles.

Find Out Education and Medical Institutions!

Bogazici University

Education and health institutions in Istanbul will support your visit in addition to quality services. Universities, private schools and colleges in Istanbul provide fascinating opportunities for your career development. Also, health tourism has been well established and is in great demand because of the facilities offered by hospitals. If you want to live in Istanbul and benefit from the services, send your contact details with the form without delay. Take the first step by meeting your Sale Property Turkey sales consultant who will be your guide and provide every detail about this city!