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Izmir City

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Izmir City

We can put Izmir down as the place where peace comes to life. It is generally named the “Pearl of the Aegean” … Izmir is one of the most valuable cities in Turkey. The city is also rapidly developing rapidly due to increasing population dynamics. The prominent things to describe Izmir are the happy hour, sea, entertainment, boyoz and kumru. We will try to describe all about Izmir even if it will be insufficient.

Izmir is one of the most remarkable cities in Turkey with its young population and advanced economies. It is a popular address on the travel route of both citizens and foreigners due to its historical structure, culture, luxury restaurants, hotels, mosques, bazaars, and many other values.

Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey. Its charming atmosphere is also addictive as well as in terms of tourism.

Stone-built villas, clean beaches having golden sand, and hospitable people are not only attractive for tourism, but also a lifetime living!

Its historical and cultural values, and charming living spaces… It is a paradise that has been shaped by 32 civilizations so far.

It is a very valuable city not only for swimming or being a guest in tourism areas but also for living for a lifetime. If you want to buy a summer residence or property that will add value to your lifetime in Izmir, the expert real estate consultants of Sale Property Turkey will find the ideal property for you right now!

By requesting an appointment at this moment, you can take the first step for a house that will add value to your life. Also, you will get to know the city better.

Where is Izmir on the Map? How to get Izmir?

One of the most frequently researched things about Izmir is where it is on the map and how to get there. is one of Turkey’s most populous and wealthiest cities in Turkey. This attractive city is located in the Aegean Region.

Izmir, the Pearl of Aegean, is in the western extremity of Turkey.

  • South: Aydin
  • North: Balikesir
  • East: Manisa

Being an attractive city with its young population and places to see, this city has a rapidly developing economy. also ensures the strong development of both commercial activities carried out in the city and established commercial ties with its location.

Izmir economy develops with agricultural activities as well as industrial and commercial activities. The prominent economic resource in the region is the earth industries. Many industrial activities are carried out in the region in addition to agriculture and livestock industries. Economic activities in Izmir develop in line with agricultural and industrial activities.

Izmir Airport 

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The first information about the transportation and you need to have knowledge about the city in general. There are advanced transportation vehicles to reach Izmir or to travel within the city.

Turkey’s fifth-biggest airport is in Izmir.

Adnan Menderes Airport is 14 km from the city center. You can reach the airport by your private vehicle or public transportation vehicle.

Transportation from Izmir to Istanbul:

From Istanbul To Izmir (Airline): 1 hour 10 minutes

From Istanbul To Izmir (Highway): 3 hours 30 minutes

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Where is the Heart of Izmir?

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One of the outstanding things you are familiar with Izmir is entertainment centers. You should visit Izmir in order to have fun in Turkey, go to the stylish restaurants, be overwhelmed by its natural beauties, or take a vacation.

In addition to the trio of sea, culture and nature, the regional transformations taking place in the city create a special atmosphere you would like to experience. There are places you must see.

Alsancak is one of the most decent places in the city. Alsancak, located in Konak, has quiet streets as well as crowded ones where entertainment comes to life all day long. It is an address that is frequently visited by the young population.

Boutiques, bars and cafes lined up along crowded streets fascinate visitors. Izmir’s most important and popular square is in Alsancak. Alsancak, where you can watch the sunrise and create pleasant memories, will be the place where Izmir and your journey find rhythm!

  • Konak
  • Alsancak
  • Kordon
  • Karsiyaka

Besides Alsancak, there are several enchanting addresses in Izmir!

Think of a tranquil and peaceful living space. Open-minded, free-spirited, and fun people live together in this fascinating city. Despite being a big city, this is a holiday town!

You can have a dream life you live leisurely. Or, you can only dream by adding it to your travel plan.

Do you want to shop, come over here… Eminonu and the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Kemeralti and Kizlaragasi Inn in Izmir… If you prefer decent places, Alsancak might be ideal for you. You can find luxury brands altogether.

Izmir’s biggest shopping mall is located in Bornova. You can visit Forum Bornova or the markets located here. Also you can find shopping, entertainment, tranquility or historic places together in Izmir. You can taste unforgettable flavors and have fun.

How is the Weather in Izmir Throughout the Year?

izmir weather,

The only thing you know about Izmir might be that it is a tourism paradise. You may not have traveled here yet, but it might be a holiday paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

The Mediterranean climate is dominant in Izmir.

Summers are hot, winters are mild and rainy

Annual Average Temperature: 14-18 Degrees

The hottest month and average temperature: July – 27 degrees

The coldest month and average temperature: January – 8 degrees

Places to Visit and See in Izmir

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Streets, avenues, and Izmir beach are among the things to discover about Izmir. Even if you come to Izmir from time to time or live here, you can discover a very different side of Izmir every time.

It will be very easy for you to travel around without the need for public transportation. If you make a trip to Izmir, we can make an itinerary for you. And you can have a pleasant time beyond getting to know the city closely.

There are lots of places to see in Izmir. The top 10 places are as follows: 

  • Cesme- Alacati: Cesme is popular with its coast and surf areas. It has calm and valuable places to discover! In the hidden fishing villages of Izmir, you can eat fish on the beach and watch the sunset.
  • Urla: Stone-built houses and gastronomic places! Make sure to add Urla to your itinerary. You can drink lots of fine wine or spend a great time in the vineyards.
  • Ephesus: It is one of the things that comes to mind when you think of Izmir!. is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Ephesus is an ancient city with a rich historical heritage that you should visit.
  • Karaburun: If you are looking for a quiet place in Izmir, you can enjoy your holiday in blue flagged natural bays of Karaburun.
  • Foca: It takes its name from seals (fok in Turkish). Be sure to add it to your itinerary. The peaceful time you spend will attract you to other lands.
  • Sirince: If you visit Izmir, add Sirince to your must-visit places. Here, there are fruit vineyards, lovely tiny houses, churches and a cute village that will take you to dreamland when you see it!
  • Kozak Plateau: If you want to enjoy nature in the most valuable forests in Turkey, pine forests will amaze you. If you want to enjoy nature and relax, add it to your itinerary.
  • Beaches: If you come to Izmir, the sea will be an indispensable part of your holiday. If you wish, you can relax in a quiet bay or get ready for happy hour. Make sure to search and explore the beaches, hidden natural beaches throughout your vacation in Izmir.
  • Bergama: Turn on your camera and get ready to shoot! You will want to record this flawless beauty all the time. You will be fascinated by the architectural structure, nature and historical beauties and you will want it not to be erased from your memory.

What Are the Living Conditions in Izmir?

We have examined important information about this city. news, tourism, must-visit places, weather, transportation… But while living conditions are constantly improving in Izmir, major transformations are taking place. Due to the rapidly increasing population and sectoral developments, the number of housing projects is also rising.

Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey.

Izmir’s population: 4.370 million

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Construction Projects

The population is rapidly increasing. In addition to tourism, living conditions are also rapidly developing. The rapidly increasing number of housing projects in the city embellish the retirement dreams of Turkish citizens.

It stands out as a city where foreigners visit for travel or business purposes. Examine Izmir housing projects. Izmir extends along the bay with the magnificence of the yachts and the glamorous glow of the sea.

We are sure that you will dream of living in Izmir that is the Pearl of Aegean. As Sale Property Turkey, we will present the most valuable housing projects for you.

You can request an appointment from our expert sales consultants for more details. We can offer you ultra-lux houses on wide streets lined with palm trees or sea view flats that will make you fall in love at first sight. Get the opportunity to participate in this sparkling life without delay.