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Mersin City

About Turkey

Mersin City

The most frequently asked things about Mersin city are Mediterranean and Tantuni… If you are looking for real Anatolian life in Turkey, Mersin is quite a heaven…

Warm people will create unforgettable memories for you as well as the clean air of Mersin! The most-friendly people are in Mersin Turkey as well as the streets will make you feel like you live.

You should take a tour in the streets or marina that draws you into its atmosphere. Get one of the stores in Mersin Marina or a shop in Forum Mersin where stands out with its architecture.

This is a charming city due to having entertainment, shopping, getting to know Mersin history, or socializing with the warm people of the Mediterranean. Have you made your travel plans and been fascinated?

Would you like to continue your life by purchasing an apartment from Mersin housing projects? Are you dreaming of a second living space where you can go in summer by purchasing a house with a sea view? Then, meet the expert real estate consultants of Sale Property Turkey and take a new step in your life.

Where is Mersin on Map?

Initially, the first thing to talks about Mersin is its location on the map. Take a look at the Mersin, Turkey map. Mersin intensely draws the attention of tourists in Turkey, and it is an important city port. With its historical heritage, cultural values, and many other features, Mersin has gained popularity in terms of tourism in addition to its natural beauties.

Mersin is one of the largest cities in the eastern Mediterranean, is located in southern Turkey.

Mersin is the 11th biggest city in Turkey.

Adana is located in the East.

Antalya is located in the West.

Karaman, Nigde, and Konya are located in the North.

About Mersin Port

mersin port, port, mersin,
Mersin Port

The Port of Mersin is one of the most asked and researched places about Mersin.

Mersin Marina has become an important trade center due to its geographical location and major truck fleet by creating an important power in the economic field. It has become an important center of trade in the Eastern Mediterranean. Because the city is positioned between the most powerful industrial cities in Turkey.

Also, another issue that should be mentioned about Mersin city is its railway network as well as being a port city. Mutual train services are organized in Mersin city which is located on the foothills of the Taurus Mountains.

Mersin city is strengthened by air and railway transportation. It is also a city that has a competitive capacity in agriculture and sea tourism. Fine sand, clean sea, and beaches add worth to Mersin which has great importance for Turkish tourism.

The historical value, splendid landscape areas, and social living areas of Mersin provide several visits to the city as well as the economic development.

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Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!


General Weather Conditions in Mersin

mersin weather,

If you make a trip to Mersin, having general knowledge about the weather conditions in Mersin will be useful while packing your bags up…

Average Annual Temperature: 19 Degrees

The rainiest period: Between January and December

The less rainy month: August

The hottest month of the year: August – 27 Degrees

The coldest month: January – 10 Degrees

Living Conditions in Mersin

mersin beach,
Mersin Beach

We advise that you to have general information about the living conditions in Mersin if you plan to make a trip to Mersin. Mersin a valuable place to live due to its view, weather conditions, candid and hospitable local people. It is also a port of city in which you will dream of living.

Warm people in Mersin might be the first things to be mentioned when talking about Mersin! People living in Mersin are living happily all together. When a sea view is added to these details, social living areas in the marina and the beauty of the weather are of great value for you to spend magnificent time in Mersin.

The general education level of the people living in Mersin is high. This situation, which reflects the cultural level and quality of social life in the city, shows that the quality of life of the local people rapidly develops and rises.

Another indicator of the high living standards in Mersin is that the city is clean, tranquil and peaceful in general. The volume of vehicle honks in the city is low and it is another fine detail that reflects the quality of life in Mersin.

If you want to be calm, peaceful and away from everything artificial, we can guarantee that living in Mersin is just for you. The dynamic atmosphere of the city, clean sea, fascinating social living spaces will make you fall in love with Mersin!

Things to do in Mersin, Turkey

mersin tantuni, tantuni,

If you make a research about Mersin, no need to say over and over again that Mersin Marina or tourist attractions are the other enchanting things about the city! After making a trip to Mersin, you will have brand-new dreams.

The food you eat in Mersin, the people you know, and the charm of social life will amaze you. Its historical texture, the long coastal road, the beaches that are the center of attention of tourists, the climate and local flavors that you will feel the summer of all four seasons …

Yes, you may not have as wide a range of opportunities as in Istanbul, Izmir, or Antalya where is the pearl of the Mediterranean. However, be sure that the warm atmosphere here presents peace and tranquility for those who seek them …

Must-See Popular Places in Mersin

Yerkopru Waterfall

Mersin Maiden’s Castle

Cennet Cehennem Sinkholes

Aynali Lake

Goksu River


Blue Flag Coasts

Gilindire Cave

Must-Taste Flavours of Mersin

Blue Crab and Sea Food in Dalyan

Tantuni in the Center of Mersin 

Yoruk (Nomad) Breakfast in Mersin 

Fish in Narlikuyu

Transportation in Mersin | How to go?

Ulu Mosque

If you make a trip to Mersin, transportation is easy in every aspect. You can choose road, air or rail transportation.

If you prefer road transportation, you can easily arrive here from any city in Turkey. While moving from Antalya to Mersin, you can have a pleasant journey watching the Taurus Mountains and the magnificent nature along the way.

If you find long-distance travel difficult, you can take advantage of Adana Sakirpasa Airport which is 67 km from Mersin. You can also travel from Mersin to Istanbul.

Istanbul- Adana Airport: 1 hour

Domestic Direct Flights: Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir

Direct International Flights: Saudi Arabia, Germany, Cyprus

Besides, Cukurova Regional Airport which is under construction in Mersin is rapidly being developed to operate within 2 years. Mersin Airport which is planned to be completed in March 2022, will make it easier for you to reach the city! Find everything about Mersin on our website!

If you plan to travel to or live in Mersin, you can request an appointment from the expert consultants of Sale Property Turkey. You can have general information in this way. Get a free service and learn about the most valuable housing projects. You can adapt to living in Turkey without suffering from being a stranger in Turkey.