Metro and Reconstruction For Avcılar!

Firstly, metro and Reconstruction For Avcılar! AK Party Avcılar Mayor Candidate Dr. Ibrahim Ulusoy said that the work of the metro will begin in Avcılar. Ulusoy added many neighborhoods has the reconstruction problem which will be solved immediately after the elections.

Secondly, Ibrahim Ulusoy, who participated in a publicity meeting organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Announced 82 projects in total, including 28 metro, funicular, large square, Ambarlı Coast Arrangement Project.
According to the news published in the Yeni Akit Newspaper, the mayor candidate Ulusoy; . We are at Avcılar’s service. Sometimes I hear, that the other candidate said yesterday that metro will not come to Avcılar. Metro is coming, good luck, celebrate it. They should inform the public properly.

Because they’re accustomed, they think they’re going to win anyway. I’m now wondering what to do for this county that hasn’t twisted their nails for 20 years. Here comes the subway. At present, the tender for Avcılar Merkez continues to be suspended. It arrives at Tahtakale earlier ‘Avcılar will be an example’.

Finally, we know the people with a power in the will of the people. We will ask the public about this work and also, we will say that this is the case. We will say that the treatment is and also, we will do the consultation. If there will be architectural and transformation with horizontal architecture and garden, there will be transformation on the island. The culture of Avcılar, Avcılar will be an example with everything we say. Yeşilkent, Tahtakale and also, Firüzköy our reconstruction problem has been solved and I give my good news. After the election, our first job is to solve the reconstruction problem. And we will decide how it will be with the public and with you.