Property Market Did Not Slow Down Despite Coup Attempt

Property market did not slow down despite coup attempt. Foreign citizens kept investing in real estate market despite the coup attempt on 15 July.

People of Turkey proved the strength of democracy in Turkey. And showed national loyalty to democracy on the streets witnessed by whole world.

According to Gyoder property sales have been increased in August 2016.

Property market did not slow down despite coup attempt. When we look at the results of our past years in the real estate sector, we see that the sector has risen in 2014 and 2015. And even closed 2016 higher than 2015 despite treacherous coup attempts. When we evaluate the first 8 months of 2017, the situation of the sector is positive. Although it has some problems in the sector in terms of location and project, we see that sales generally increase.

The incentives mobilized the sector. The title deed created a mobility on sale because the discounts are the costs directly woven into the citizen. Even August, seen as a holiday season this year, was extremely positive compared to previous years.

The target of the sector is to break the record of your last year. It believe that by the end of the year we will see 1 million 400-450 thousand residential sales figures. As the umbrella organization of the industry we are in the process which we believe is an important step for Turkey’s restructuring we are very optimistic about the urban transformation process. With the unchecked urbanization, urban transformation is an opportunity to develop, change and also, transform our cities.

In order to evaluate this opportunity in the most ideal way, we think that the construction should be considered as a whole by taking into consideration the historical and environmental touches and it should be supported by the structural arrangements. Today we all need to tell public the importance of urban transformation.