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Purchasing process steps for property investment in Istanbul are very easy to follow! The professional real estate consultancy service of Sale Property will make you find the ideal house at short notice and easily carry out your purchasing steps when you try to choose an Istanbul housing project! Through the consultancy service of Sale Property, you will also make the right decisions for your investment plans as well as purchasing the home of your dreams.

Finding the most convenient house in Istanbul is very easy through a professional and prestigious real estate consultancy service! But, learning about the purchasing in Istanbul causes to take firm steps!

Sale Property also provides virtual tour service for you to choose a house online and have the opportunity to make a strong investment! Furthermore, you can manage your online purchasing process in Istanbul without losing your time.

Let’s suppose that you have already found the property to buy in Istanbul! There are steps you should follow before your purchasing process.

1.You need to find a prestigious and professional real estate agency.

2.You need to choose a good legal representative for your paperwork.

How Does The Purchasing Process Progress in Istanbul?

Purchasing process of foreigners in Turkey can get preliminary information on the legal basis!

  1. Determine the house you will buy: After the determination of the final price, you can implement the payment plan specially offered for you.
  2. Reserve the property with the commitment of purchasing: You can contact your real estate consultant to pay the deposit and sign the sales contract.
  3. Examine the formal agreement: We will prepare a formal agreement in accordance with the language option you prefer.
  4. Down payment and the transfer of the title deed: You can contact your real estate consultant about the amount you will pay.
  5. Formal procedures: You must implement formal procedures to complete your purchasing process.
  • You need a tax ID!
  • Also you need a bank account for the payments you will make during the purchasing process. You can get support from your real estate consultant.
  • Examine your government-approved real estate valuation. Our real estate consultants will determine the real value of the property at this stage.
  1. Sign Your Title Deed: Get your title and you are ready to move into your new home.

We will support your purchasing process in Istanbul through our pre-sales services as well as after-sales services.

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