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Sale Property Turkey

Real Estate FAQ

Real Estate FAQ

The investors who plan to make a housing investment in Turkey have some questions to be answered. You will find these answers for the property purchase process in this article.

Send your contact information via the form for more information. As your solution partner, our real estate consultants will help you find the answers through pre and post-sales services!

Residence Permit and Turkish Citizenship

FAQs about the acquisition of residence permit and Turkish Citizenship:

How Can I Get Turkish Citizenship?


Choose the fastest and easiest way to get Turkish Citizenship! 

The easiest and fastest way to get Turkish Citizenship is real estate investment. You can acquire citizenship by purchasing a house worth a minimum of $250,000. There are no sanctions. If you purchase a property that has the mentioned value, you will be able to get Turkish Citizenship for the entire family.

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What Are The Required Documents for Residence Permit?


You must make an appointment with The Directorate General of Migration Management to get a residence permit in Turkey. For more information about the process, send your contact details via the form. Your sales consultant will answer your questions!

Learn about the required documents, get prepared for the transactions!

  • 2 passport copies,
  • 8 photographs,
  • Documents of the place where you live,
  • 2 copies of the title deed if you buy a house in Turkey
  • If you don’t have a Turkish tax ID, visit your local tax office!
  • A bank receipt showing that you have sufficient money to live in Turkey.

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Living in Turkey

The frequently questions asked by foreign nationals for living in Turkey:

How Does The Acquisition of Work Permit Process Work in Turkey?


– In Turkey, if you want to acquire a work permit, you must have a residence permit! Your residence permit must be longer than 6 months.

-Do not neglect this detail in case of rejection!

You can get a work permit by completing the required documents.

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Is There Any Condition For The Health Services in Turkey?


Do you want to get a medical service? First, determine the purpose of your visit. You need to check your travel insurance.

Foreigners benefit from the health and medical services that are qualified and affordable in Turkey.

If you want to benefit from the SSI (Social Security Institution) offered by the government for Turkish citizens, you must pay a monthly fee. We recommend health insurance if you want to expedite the process.

Purchasing Process

If you plan to buy a property in Turkey, you should know the process in advance. Do not waste time by taking the right steps!

How Does the Property Purchase Process Work?


  1. Choose your reliable solution partner!: Do research to find a prestigious and reliable real estate agency in Turkey!
  2. Evaluate the process with your sales consultant: Examine real estate housing projects in Istanbul through your sales consultant. Determine and evaluate your demands. We suggest you take a look at all the options!
  3. You can book a property!:If you find the ideal property according to your demands, make your reservation and perform the price-fixing process.
  4. You can give power of attorney to a reliable lawyer for your transactions:As the most practical method, you can give a power of attorney to a lawyer.
  5. Your TITLE DEED is Ready!:If you complete the purchase process, your TITLE DEED will be ready! The house you purchase will be registered on you after these processes which will take approximately 4 weeks,

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After you complete the process of buying a property in Turkey, you need to get a title deed. The title deed is a document showing that you have purchased the property and registered on you.

Why Do You Need A Real Estate Consultant?


Both foreign investors and Turkish citizens need a real estate consultant for the housing process in Turkey. You will need a real estate consultant to choose the right house and to buy the property you have chosen at the most affordable price without wasting time.

Real estate consultants who will answer all your questions are your solution partners with pre and post-sales services.

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What are The Factors That Increase The Housings in Turkey?


Having knowledge about the real estate sector in Turkey and the factors which will increase the value of housing projects will allow you to review the environmental conditions!

Know the dynamics of the housing industry!

  1. Find out the central locations or regions with high investment value!
  2. Transportation facilities should be considered!
  3. The facade and view of the house will increase the investment value!
  4. Social facilities of housing projects (gym, pool … etc.)

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Investment in Turkey

Foreign investors have some questions before investing in Turkey.

What Are the Best Sectors For Investment?


Investment in Turkey will draw your attention because of its sectoral diversity and development! Be sure to scrutinize the sectors while making your investment plans. Choose the most ideal sector for your investment with detailed analysis and data!

  • Housing Investment
  • Tourism
  • Stock
  • Information and Technology
  • Construction Sector
  • Textile
  • Energy Sector

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Why Do Foreign Investors Prefer Investing in Turkey?


There are certain common causes of foreign capital owners to invest in Turkey.


  1. Dynamic Domestic Market: There is a significant volume of the domestic market that can be appreciated by investors to invest in Turkey.
  2. Government incentives and taxation: Taxation policies, corporate tax rates, and government incentives are important factors for all investors.
  3. Population Ratio: The labor force and dynamism of the young population in Turkey attract investors. One of the outstanding reasons for entrepreneurs and big companies prefer to invest in Turkey is the dynamic population.
  4. Economic Conditions: According to tangible data, the Turkish economy is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Import-export figures, economic policies, development in the fields such as industry are riveting for foreign investors.


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