33 Years of Dream Comes True in Basaksehir Sale Property Turkey

33 Years of Dream Comes True in Basaksehir

33 Years of Dream Comes True in Basaksehir

33 years of dream comes true in Basaksehir

Rami Food Wholesalers, which has been operating temporarily since 1986, is building a modern bazaar in Başakşehir for tradesmen. 33 Years of Dream Comes True in Basaksehir. The project, initiated by TOKİ, is planned to be completed within 2 years.

The market is planned to be built in the Sahintepe Mahallesi, which will be built on the Istanbul side of the bazaar, 322 thousand square meters will be built. A total of 1070 shops will be built as a closed bazaar, and so far will be built as the largest project to take place within the peers.

There will be 990 wholesalers’ shops, banks, restaurants, cafeterias, 120 commercial shops and 65 TIR’s indoor and outdoor car parks that can park at the same time. There will also be a small mosque and a social facility.

Drawings of the project took place

Drawing on the dream for many years, the draw took place for tradesmen. There will be 1070 shops in total, but the shopkeepers will be opened.

Europe’s largest covered market

Karlı said about the scope of the project. The 322 acres of construction area, 114 acres of construction area and 94 acres of shops construction area. In this sense, we are making the most modern and biggest Grand Bazaar of Europe. This is not an example of a project such as in Turkey. We are building a facility that is worthy of our city and country. In addition, all our members who will operate here will have private ownership.
Underlining that Istanbul is one of the most convenient places to reach in the transportation point of the new project, Karlı wishes the artisans who will reach their new places in the coming years.
The Hal project is planned to be completed in April 2019.

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