Bursa's next 50 years are planned! Bursa's next 50 years are planned!

Bursa’s next 50 years are planned!

Bursa’s next 50 years are planned!

Bursa’s next 50 years are planned!

Bursa’s next 50 years are planned! Firstly, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and president of the AK Party metropolitan mayor candidate Aktas.Secondly, he talked about future plans related to transportation, tourism, urbanization, environment, culture and art and sports.
Finally, according to Hürriyet news, Aktaş stated that with 3 million cizitens in it, with almost 15 billion dollars from exportation. And with it’s hist oric and cultural qualities. And the immigration it gets the main topic of the city is traffic and transportation.


Alinur Aktas, describing the details of the 28.2-kilometer new metro line between Gürsu Çalı, which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan promised at the Bursa meeting, said: Our line, which will start from Gürsu and will be completely underground, will extend from Değirmenönü, Otosansit, Esenevler, Hospital, Mesken, Yeşilyayla, Zafer Plaza, Kültürpark, Acemler and the following up to Çalı. We don’t have a line on the north south axis. Starting from Demirtas and passing through FSM and continuing until 20.2 kilometers and 17 stations, our new line will have a capacity of carrying 104 thousand passengers. Our line in Görükle will reach Kızılcıklı and Başköy. For this, we have a new line consisting of 6 kilometers and 6 stations. We created a system that works like a clock. We are increasing our current line of 54 kilometers to 114 kilometers. 54


Turkey’s $ 70 billion in 2023, underlining that Alinur tourist destination with Aktas, said history with cultural and natural values of Bursa can take significant share of this cake:
Our average is 1.9 nights. We have to move it to 3.5-4. We are the city that carries the traces of different civilizations. Food culture, social cultural structure, historical features of the whole world under the roof of tourism to bring together. We will create Mudanya Güzelyalı and Kumyaka marinas. We need to get Tirilye up. Gölyazı will be a serious tourism brand. We will bring together Dağyenice with its investors. We have important investments in eco-tourism in the mountain region.


Aktaş continued his statement as follows: İznik Orhaneli, Harmancık, Büyükorhan and Keles district with a population of less than 50 thousand will be a quiet city.What can we say about Iznik? UNESCO World Heritage Candidate List. We’re gonna try to get it on the real list. We have completed our project on the day-to-day facilities and delivered it to the ministry to be the center of attraction of Uludağ in 4 seasons. ’


Aktas, 40-acre Ataturk Stadium, as well as the product area of 70 football fields in the 500-acre area of Bursa will be implemented as a National Garden.


Firstly, Aktas said they had prepared projects to solve the knot in Acemler. Which is the intersection point of all roads in Bursa. Indicating that they will hit the scalpel of traffic to the exact problem Aktas, said they will bring a significant relief with the application of steering junction. Secondly,  Aktas, side-ways to be made in both directions of the Izmir-Ankara road, Fan Street to take the road to the double and 1000 cars to be made to the region by the Acemler announced that breathing. Finally, in the new period, President Aktaş underlined that the investments in 59 smart junction applications. And staged mechanical parking lots, bicycle parking attendance long systems and 235 km long bicycle path will breathe traffic.

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