Good News: Metro In Gaziosmanpasa! Sale Property Turkey

Good News: Metro In Gaziosmanpasa!

Good News: Metro In Gaziosmanpasa!

Good News: Metro In Gaziosmanpasa!

Good News: Metro In Gaziosmanpasa! Firstly, AK Parti Gaziosmanpasa Mayor and mayor candidate Hasan Tahsin Usta, said that ‘three subway lines will be united in the district heralding the Gaziosmanpasa’ and he added ‘ we will cover Gaziosmanpasa with a network of rail systems;
Secondly; AK Party Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor and mayor candidate Hasan Tahsin Usta stated; 3 subway lines in the near future will pass through the district and the rail system will be a rooted solution to the problem of traffic. According to the news in the Yeni Safak newspaper, between the projects of 100 thousand parking garage, the new courthouse and safety buildings, the districts of the streets and squares will turn into living spaces, he said.

Finally, Hasan Tahsin Usta talked about the new works that will change the face of the town.  Gaziosmanpaşa, which is located in the most dense district of Istanbul, has produced many projects for the citizens to live a better quality. ’ “We have been producing permanent solutions for the parking lot problem in Gaziosmanpaşa. In the first place, we continue to work under ground car parking for 5 thousand vehicles. For each ending project, we have a car parking destination for each apartment.


President Hasan Tahsin said that there is no metro network in Gaziosmanpaşa as of today. The length of the 14.5-kilometer network of 4 stations will pass through our district. With the vision of 2023, we will build the surroundings of Gaziosmanpaşa by metro network. Traffic will ease, transportation will be easier and Gaziosmanpaşa will add value by breaking the shell. While we want cities to be civilized, we will increase this civilization by transportation.


“Urban transformation projects are difficult to implement in a living city. However, we were able to implement these projects. When we look at the story of the city in 2014, when we came to office, we prepared a plan that we can deal with in the city as a whole. We set out the future and long-term needs of the city and also, we put it into practice. In line with this plan, we initiated a study to ensure that the urban transformation projects were completed. And the other needs of the district were met. We also paved the way for island-based transformation in all regions outside of the urban. Naturally, citizens in every part of the city can participate in this urban transformation by agreeing with the contractor they want. They have achieved this opportunity without a new plan change and time loss.

We will add aesthetics to the city

Hasan Tahsin stated that there will be esteemed design works that will add value to the city’s visuality by increasing the city’s places and services. We have together with our street tradesmen and we have the board of directors together. We are doing design works in order to beautify the streets, to solve the problems. And also, to create a better business environment. Urban facade designs will eliminate this problem with pedestrianized streets.

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