Housing prices are expected to increase in 2019Sale Property Turkey

Housing Prices Are Expected To Increase In 2019

Housing Prices Are Expected To Increase In 2019

Housing prices are expected to increase in 2019

Housing prices are expected to increase in 2019. 2019 will be the ‘hike’ year for the housing sector. Sector representatives, who stated that they do not reflect the increase in costs up to 60 percent in prices yet, foresee a raise of at least 20 percent
The construction and housing conference, which was held for the 7th time this year, signaled a rise in housing prices. Nazmi Durbakayım, the President of the Association of Builders who delivered the opening speech of the conference, said. The increase in housing prices will be more than in 2001. Now that no one believes that housing prices will rise, I don’t even believe it. However, after 2001, the prices had increased like multiple missiles.

Cost increased by 60 percent

Stating the reasons for the increase in housing prices, Durbakayım said, The first reason is that the increase in construction costs up to 60 percent is still not reflected in the housing prices. . This period is a period of listening to a little head, we are doing a period of accounts, he stated.

We Will Keep Up With Tomorrow

Erden Timur said, the world is changing rapidly. But the way the construction business in the construction for centuries has not changed. In digitalization, the construction sector is the last. This bad score in the digitalization of the construction sector raises both risks and opportunities for players in the industry. We have two options; We will either be lost in the memorization and customary order of the industry, or we will blend cement, sand, iron with technology and keep up with today and tomorrow.

“The Largest Problem Stock”

Hasan Rahvalı, who shared his views on the problems and solutions of the real estate sector at the conference. Stated that the biggest problem of the sector was the housing stock and the other problems were caused by this problem.
40 percent in Istanbul last 1 year of credit sales, fell 38 percent in Turkey Rahvalı stated that, “In fact, only 4.2 per cent decline in total sales. Developers, customers are looking for different term sales campaigns and as a result of the liquidity problem has occurred he said.

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