Istanbul's Most Winning Areas

Istanbul’s Most Winning Areas

Istanbul’s Most Winning Areas

Istanbul’s Most Winning Areas

Firstly, consumer often asks the question;”Where to invest in Istanbul?, ” Here is an analysis to answer this question: Istanbul’s most winning areas?
Secondly, you can’t get the same premium from every region of Istanbul. Together with the projects and developments, there are changes in the value increases and premium percentages of the regions. The key point here is which investment tool you should use in which region. Some regions promise high premiums for the housing investor, while some regions are making huge gains in commercial investment or land investment. So where to invest in Istanbul? Finally, Here’s the answer …


Bahcelievler, which is one of the regions where population density increases most rapidly, is quite advantageous in terms of commercial investment … Bahcelievler earns 96 percent of its investors.

Beylikdüzü-Housing and Land Investment

Perhaps the clearest answer to the question of where to invest in Istanbul is Beylikdüzü. Beylikdüzü, which has attracted great investments in both the residential and commercial areas for the last 6-7 years, is also one of the most suitable areas for land investment. Beylikdüzü, where a brand new life and habitat is born, is considered to be one of the most leading living centers of the future.


Kagithane region, which is located between TEM and E-5 motorways, makes the region valuable for commercial investment with its advantages for transportation and its proximity to the plaza center of Istanbul. A commercial investment in Kagithane provides 42 percent more returns.


Commercial investments in Sisli, which has an office density location in Istanbul, rather than housing investment, bring greater premiums. A commercial investment in Sisli will earn you at least 40 percent.


The historical peninsula In Eyup, which is one of the oldest residential areas of Istanbul, the housing you get will return to you as 39 percent.


If you invest in housing in the district of Kadikoy you get at least 35 percent premium. This rate is increasing over the years and therefore your housing investment is becoming more valuable.

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