It is being done in Istanbul! It will be the world's biggest! Sale Property Turkey

It is being done in Istanbul! It will be the world’s biggest!

It is being done in Istanbul! It will be the world’s biggest!

It is being done in Istanbul! It will be the world’s biggest!

First of all, when completed, construction works are going on at Başakşehir City Hospital with 2 thousand 682 beds which will be one of the largest hospitals in the world. It is being done in Istanbul! It will be the world’s biggest! 35 percent of the hospital is completed, and it is expected to be opened in 2020.
When completed, construction works will continue at full speed in Başakşehir City Hospital which will be one of the biggest hospitals in the world. 8 hospitals were constructed within the structure of the city hospital.

It will be the world’s biggest!

Secondly, in this context, the general hospital, Children’s Hospital, Maternity Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Neurology and Orthopedics Hospital, Heart Diseases Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Physical Therapy and also Rehabilitation Hospitals will provide services to citizens with a total of 2 thousand 682 beds.

With 2 thousand 40 seismic isolators operations will continue during an earthquake. The city hospital will be one of the world’s largest seismic isolators with 2 thousand 40 seismic isolators in the main hospital building. Thanks to the seismic isolators located at the base of the giant hospital, surgeries will continue without any interruption even in the hospital.

Istanbul Provincial Health Director Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu gave explanations about the city hospital, which will provide employment for 10 thousand people when completed.

“It is aimed to be put into service by the end of 2020 “

The hospital will be a very important service for Istanbul, Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu said, It started about one and a half years ago and it approached two years. This is a city hospital, one of the hospitals that President Erdoğan called my dream. 2 thousand 682 beds, I see them as health masterpieces. We call private and public partners, and also, health service will be fully carried out by the state. The support services next to it, the cleanliness, security, terms, renovations, some of the device..

“Operations can be done easily during the earthquake “

Finally, Memişoğlu stated that; in the foundations of the building there are 2068 insulators. There is a system that will be able to move about 80 centimeters to the left. And also, right and will not reflect the vibration of the earthquake. Operations can be done during the earthquake and will not be damaged.

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