Saudis Overtake Iraqis in HousingSaudis Overtake Iraqis in Housing

Saudis Overtake Iraqis in Housing

Saudis Overtake Iraqis in Housing

Saudis Overtake Iraqis in Housing

Saudis Overtake Iraqis in Housing. In the case of foreign purchases in which housing sales increased by 70.9 percent, the Saudis outpaced the Iraqis, who made the most purchases to date with 529 houses.

After three months of climbing, housing sales declined by 5.7 percent in the end of the campaign, while the sales date to the foreigners peaked. Saudis Overtake Iraqis in Housing. Domestic sales to foreigners increased by 70.9 percent in October when compared to the same period of the previous year.

When we look at the historical course of data on the sale of housing to foreigners taking place in January 2013, the monthly base indicates the highest level. Housing sales rose 8.8 percent in the first 10 months of the year.

In October, 122 thousand 882 residential sales were realized in Turkey, 20 thousand 906 sales 17 percent, Ankara and Izmir, 12 thousand 130 sales with a 9.9 percent share was 5.9 percent with sales of 7 thousand 258. Mortgaged housing sales decreased by 19.8 percent to 38 thousand 593 while the number of houses sold for the first time decreased by 7.6 percent was 56 thousand 994.

The Saudis Left Iraqis Behind

According to the newspaper Star, the sale of foreign to the foreign in October, 70.9 percent compared to the same month last year, while the 232 percent increase in the internal turmoil in Saudi Arabia was the record broke.

Saudi Arabia purchased 529 houses in October and has passed Iraq, which has made the most purchases to date. The housing purchase of the Saudis in 10 months increased to 2 thousand 835. In October, Iraqis received 344 houses. The number of Iraqi residents in 10 months was 2,982. The first place in the sale of housing to foreigners took Istanbul with a sales of 321 thousand.

$ 10 billion to target foreigners

Konutder Chairman of the Board of Directors Sur Yapı Chairman of the Board of Directors Z.Altan Elmas: Foreign sales to the foreigners are increasing regularly. In the last 2 months of the year, we believe that sales to foreigners will continue to increase.

The rise in sales to foreigners is the most important indicator that the contribution of the real estate sector to the Turkish economy continues to expand. If the sector is opened to benefit from EximBank facilities, it will reach to the foreigner 10 billion dollars annually.

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