Turkey's first and only agricultural Shopping Center established in Bursa!

Turkey’s first and only agricultural Shopping Center established in Bursa!

Turkey’s first and only agricultural Shopping Center established in Bursa!

Turkey’s first and only agricultural Shopping Center established in Bursa!

This shopping center will be established by Bursa Karacabey Municipality. Also, Turkey’s first and only agricultural Shopping Center established in Bursa!

Between Karacabey and Bandirma

It will be located between Karacabey and Bandirma. Turkey’s first agricultural shopping center, will brighten the region, will host the exhibition will bring together producers and consumers face to face.

Mayor Ali Özkan stated that the works related to the project continued at full speed and expressed his pleasure for the project.

Bandirma on the way to the establishment of a planned 200-acre agricultural land shopping center in Turkey. Ozkan President Ali pointed out that the move is the first of its kind in this area, with the completion of the project, not only to the region; all point to a new attraction stressed that Turkey gained in the agricultural field.

Under one roof with the possibility of sovereignty to regional markets, the Mayor noted that the ongoing work related to agriculture mall Ali Ozkan, “this project we have implemented to support the most important source of livelihood is farming activities of our county will be the first in Turkey.

The agricultural shopping center project,

Fertilizers, tractors, agricultural products, agricultural pesticides, such as the selling of the workplace within the district. Here, a more regional market, will be provided under a single roof. For example, with the completion of the agricultural shopping center project, it will be possible to send the same products from the Karacabey to the relevant region more quickly before the time spent by a person who wants to go from Bayrampaşa to a manava in Kadikoy in Istanbul. In addition, we aim to gather sector representatives, including Mustafakemalpaşa, Bandırma and Susurluk. The center will serve the region throughout the year and will also include social facilities. We aim to bring this place to a position where every period of the year lives.

Every year the agricultural fair in the agricultural shopping center within a larger area of ​​the citizens stating that they want to meet with Ozkan. “Small ruminant animal husbandry and equipment fair is doing. Here, various animals,  equipment for animals are coming, both domestic and foreign exhibitors and invitees follow this fair.  This is not just for Karacabey, it will be a project for the whole of Turkey”.

The local products will be sold

Özkan said that they will bring the project to the district with the operation transfer model. “We also think that the local products will be sold here, as well as the Istanbul-Izmir motorway is a huge project. And when Karacabey-Bursa stage of this project ends. 2 hours will be able to reach Izmir, hence our citizens that hosts almost half the population of Turkey. In this very short period of time, day will come and visit the agricultural fair.

Here the tourist beauty, swamp forests, they will visit the old elm stork village grows as well in our region. They will have the opportunity to buy the products first-hand. So the price difference will probably cover their fuel costs, since they will take the vehicle directly from the manufacturer without having to insert any tools. And they will have the opportunity to perform a touristic trip as well as their purchases.

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