Real Estate Sales Turkey on September 2020: 136.744 Houses Sold!

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September 2020: 136.744 Houses Sold!

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September has been completed 8 months with ‎136.744 ‎house sales during September!

As the branded housings are rapidly being developed, house sales are impressed by the pandemic at minimum!

Let’s examine our article about the ‎housing sales and values of Turkey according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK)…

‎2020‎ January – September, Real Estate Sales Increased by 34.2% in Turkey!

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September has been completed 8 months with ‎136.744 ‎house sales ‎during September‎. Real estate sector has increased by ‎34.2% compared to 2019.

When there is a growth in housing sales in Turkey, ‎housing sales in the first ‎ 8 months ‎of 2020 are riveting. While the number of branded housing projects is rapidly rising, dynamism in housing sales is constantly gaining positive momentum.

According to the data of 2020, did the growth of housing sales in Turkey affect ‎ the housing prices?

Another detail that stands out that the global epidemic did not negatively affect housing sales!

Houses are being sold with virtual tours or maximum health measures in Turkey.

if you want to add innovation to your life or evaluate strong housing investment ‎opportunities in the safest ways…

‎You can get support from our professional real estate consultants. You can have information about the locations, important data to increase your earnings, and the rates of change in house prices in Turkey.

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September 2020

Turkey, The Districts and Provinces with The Highest Rates of Real Estate Sales in September 2020

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September data is analyzed, you can choose your home by examining the areas with the highest house sales. Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir provinces are prominent with the highest rates of house sales in Turkey.

Branded housing projects developed in Istanbul keep up with the changes. Housing projects have been reshaped in line with developing needs and conditions. The housing projects are raising the standards for both domestic and foreign nationals.

‎According to the 2020 Istanbul Turkey ‎home sales figures, it stands out as the province with the highest house sales! ‎25.399 houses were sold in Istanbul during September 2020. ‎

Istanbul , 25.399 houses

Ankara   , 12.677 houses

Izmir       , 8.153 houses were sold.

Istanbul stands out as the province with the highest share of 18.6%. While ‎Ankara had a share of 9.3% in housing sales. Izmır is determined to be the third region with the highest sales in this regard with a ‎share of 6.0%.

The provinces with the lowest housing sales are Ardahan, Hakkari and Bayburt in Turkey! According to Turkey sales figures in the housing industry, you can augment your investment by examining the districts of Istanbul with the highest sales.

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September: The Most Preferred Districts in Istanbul for Housing Sales in 2020

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September indicates that the balances and perceptions in the housing industry are changing.

In the first half of the year, housing sales in Turkey completed the period with 141.374 house sales. When compared to the same period of last year, it increased by 32%.

Istanbul ranked first with the highest housing sales. What about the districts of Istanbul?‎ Where is the best place to buy property in Turkey?

The districts of Istanbul with the highest house sales and best place to buy property are respectively;






Among the districts with the highest house sales in Istanbul, ‎Esenyurt completed ‎the first 8-month of 2020 with 3 times more housing sales than other districts.

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September 2020

2020 ‎Demand for Houses with Terrace and Garden Increased Due To Pandemic 

Housing developers are changing the dimension ‎of ‎real estate trends in Turkey. With the change and progress in the real estate sector, the sales figures are increasing day by day.

The pandemic crisis on a global scale causes a crisis in all fields of life. However, the real estate sector experiences positive effects in Turkey.

There is a big change in the real estate sector in Turkey ‎ due to the pandemic crisis. This has completely changed the perspective on the subject.

2019-2020, Residential buyers have started to tend to buy houses with gardens and terraces in Turkey.

They keep taking steps to change their lives. While the number of detached houses is increasing rapidly, the number of housing projects with large terraces is also growing rapidly.

Get detailed information about detached houses and houses with gardens in Turkey. Your life will gain value with detached houses with gardens.

Spacious houses with large terraces will strengthen your real estate investment in Turkey.

Besides, while your investment gets stronger with branded housing projects whose value constantly increases, you will be amazed by the earned value of your capital.

The increasing value and developing structure of the housing projects in Turkey will make you satisfied every day!

Housing projects with affordable prices and personalized payment options are the right tool for strong investment!

The citizenship program is also offered to foreigners in Turkey. Turkish citizenship program stands out as one of the charming factors for the housing industry in Turkey.

By buying houses in Turkey, you can obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey. Also, you can get rental income with a skyrocketing value and many more privileges.

If you think of investing in Turkey, you should scrutinize housing projects. If you desire, you can benefit from the rental income.

You can shape your commercial activities with mixed real estate projects that increase their value with commercial units in Turkey.

You can say hello to an exclusive life in your living space by earning a lifetime ‎…

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September‎: 41.376 New House Sales!

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September data shows that 41.376 new houses were sold!

When we examined the sales figures in September 2020, the share of the houses to be sold for the first time was determined as 30.3%.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, it was determined that the increasing number of residential projects in Turkey is appreciated by the growing demands.

The number of new house sales in Istanbul: 7.099 

The number of new house sales in Ankara:   3.099 

‎Real Estate Sales Turkey on September‎: ‎34.2% Increase in House Sales to Foreign Nationals!

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September indicates that housing sales to foreign nationals increased by 26.1%! 5.269 houses were sold to foreign nationals in 2019.

2.370 houses were sold in Istanbul.

Istanbul is the city with the highest real estate sales to foreign nationals in Turkey 2020 September.

2.370 houses have been sold. Antalya, Ankara and Mersin cities come after Istanbul with the highest rates of house sales to foreigners.

Antalya       : 1,018 houses

Ankara        : 347 houses

Bursa           : 239 houses

Mersin         : 191 houses were sold.

Iranian Citizens with The Highest Demand For Housing in Turkey!

Real Estate Sales Turkey on September are examined, it is observed ‎that there is an annual increase in housing sales to foreigners.

So, which citizens or Turkey expats do have the highest demand for housing in Turkey?

Iranian citizens show the greatest interest in housing in Turkey! Iraq, Russia and Kuwaiti citizens come after.

Iraqi citizens purchased                             826 houses.

Russian Federation citizens purchased448 houses.

Kuwait citizens purchased ‎                       241 houses.

Citizens of Kazakhstan purchased           ‎222 houses.

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