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Sakarya City

About Turkey

Sakarya City

Sakarya lakes and the city university are the leading ones that need to be mentioned about Sakarya.

The fish-rich lakes in Sakarya have importance in terms of tourism in Turkey. Besides, it is a city that is a destination for both citizens and foreigners. Its natural forests and recreation areas are remarkable.

Cultural tourism also has an important place in this province. Moreover, there are hotels and accommodation areas in this city that add attraction to the city.

Capital of Sakarya: Adapazari

5th Biggest City in the Marmara Region

The most populous 22nd city of Turkey

Living conditions are rapidly improving in this province. There is a great transformation in the city. And, Construction projects are gaining value due to their locations and valuable districts.

Contemporary structures developed in Sakarya draw attention because of the population growth and regional transformations. Request an appointment from their expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

Where is Sakarya? How to go?

The most researched and asked question about Sakarya is the location of this province. Furthermore, the distance between Istanbul and Sakarya is very short. Transportation is also very easy.

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From Sakarya To Istanbul

sakarya to istanbul,

Istanbul is the most popular and populous city in Turkey. You can arrive in Istanbul from Sakarya by your private vehicle through the highway. Moreover, you can take the high-speed train from Istanbul Pendik to Sakarya within 1 hour and 10 minutes.

To reach Sakarya from Istanbul Airport, you can take advantage of the buses free of charge.

Besides, you can quickly reach this province through your private vehicle from Ankara, Kocaeli, Izmir.

What Are the Weather Conditions in Sakarya Throughout the Whole Year?

Black Sea climate is effective in this province. The city is located on the Black Sea Coast. Mediterranean climate is generally determinant in the south.

Agricultural products produced in Sakarya have an important share in the Turkish economy. Therefore, the city’s climate characteristics are very effective in this regard.

Average Annual Temperature: 14 degrees

Main agricultural products that are grown in Sakarya:

  • Hazelnut,
  • Olive,
  • Fruits and Field Crops.
  • Livestock farming has a 51% share in the economy.
  • Also, fisheries have an important share in the economy.
  • The city is also suitable for fruit growing, plant production, and livestock farming.

About the Lakes in Sakarya

sakarya lake, sabanca lake,

If you are researching the lakes in Sakarya, you must have heard of Sapanca Lake. However, there are recreation areas, forests, and lake areas. You will be able to have pleasant times there.

  • Sapanca Lake: It is between Sakarya and Kocaeli. Sapanca lake’s water is used in the Kocaeli industry. It is also used as drinking water.
  • Poyrazlar Lake: It is about 7-8 km away from city center.
  • Akgol: It is a fish-rich lake.
  • Kucukbogaz Lake: There are recreation areas located around.
  • Gokceoren Lake: The lake, which expands in winter and shrinks in summer, was dried in 1967. It is used as agricultural land for now.
  • Acarlar Lake: It is full of water lilies. Boat and water bike tours are organized on the lake.
  • Kucuk Akgol: There are natural forests around the lake.

This province is well-known for its Sapanca Lake, for instance. Also, the Arab population has increased in the region recently. In addition to the natural beauties and cultural activities in the region, new housing projects have also provided additional value.

About Sakarya University

Sakarya University,

Sakarya University is popular for foreign students from all nationalities who want to get an education. Also, Turkish citizens from different cities in Turkey want an education at the University. Besides,  the university has earned a reputation for faculty of economics and administrative sciences, and engineering.

The University provides extra value to the city. It is popular among students from all over the world.

Both industry and agricultural products have an important share in the economy of this city. also this province has rapidly gained value with the increase of the student population and global companies.

This City has experienced a rapid transformation. Following the rapid development of the real estate sector and the demand of tourists who want to live in the region.

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