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Sisli District | Sisli Guide

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Sisli District | Sisli Guide

Sisli District is an important living center located in the most central district of Istanbul. Sisli where important health institutions and education centers are located is also known for its many shopping centers, cultural centers and the most popular places visited by tourists. It is an important tourism center due to its historical and cultural heritage.

Sisli is one of the most central locations of Istanbul. It is also a valuable living space where the most valuable housing projects of Istanbul are developed. While the population of Sisli is rapidly increasing, living conditions are rapidly improving.

Sisli District stands out as one of the favorite living centers while urban transformation activities proceed. Besides, you can easily reach all parts of the city through transportation in the region.

The number of megaprojects is rapidly increasing in Sisli. It gains value with the new roads, bridges and transportation vehicles. The most important housing projects of the city are also developed here.

Istanbul stands out as the district with the fastest increase in value. People might find a house suitable for every budget and lifestyle in Sisli!

You can get more information about Sisli where is one of the central locations of Istanbul. Just request an appointment from expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey. You can take a new step into your life by finding the house that best suits your living conditions and budget.

History of Sisli District

sisli istanbul,

Sisli is an important tourism center along with being an important life center with its historical value.

Various cultures and colors draw attention to Sisli.

Sisli is a district where foreigners and citizens dream to live! Precious streets and buildings lined up in avenues attract the attention of people from all segments and cultures.

“Kurtulus”, the oldest settlement of ​​Sisli…

Sisli has a population profile with a high population of non-Muslims! While taking a walk in the streets of Sisli, you frequently come across people with the old Istanbul accent.

Sisli reflected the French culture as a place where the middle class lived in the first years of the Turkish Republic. There were structures having French architecture in Sisli.

High-ceilinged houses and stone structures are still preserved today thanks to the reconstruction works. The wired elevators inside the buildings are remarkable. French windows still reflect the silhouette of Sisli.

In the previous years, most of the stores and shopping centers in Beyoglu were moved to Sisli due to regional conditions.

During this period, many apartments were rented as workplaces. Thus, shops of famous brands and shopping streets started to be lined in Sisli. Stores and centers of famous brands in places such as Harbiye, Rumeli Caddesi, Valikonagi and Osmanbey have gained their present appearance.

The name of Sisli comes from the family named “Sisciler” that deals with skewer production. Over time, “Sisciler’s Mansion” is starting to be known as the “Mansion of Sisli”. It is narrated that the district has taken the name Sisli in the long run.

Sisli was a place where Greeks, Armenians and Jews lived in the past. We clearly feel the atmosphere caused by all this ethnic diversity when we examine its social structure.

Sisli is a district that preserves its value even as time passes along with its cultural richness and ethnic diversity.

Where is Sisli District? 

Sisli is in northwest Turkey. Also sisli which is located in the Marmara Region is one of the most populous districts of Istanbul.

Sisli is on the European Side of Istanbul. There are 25 neighborhoods.

East: Eyup, Kagithane

South: Beyoglu

East: Besiktas

North: Sariyer

Transportation to Sisli District

You can use metrobus, metro or other means of transportation to reach Sisli.

Sisli is a central place where you can reach the fastest and easiest transportation from every region of Istanbul. You can take advantage of the stations located at every point of Sisli by metrobus, metro or other means of transportation.

You can use the metrobus station which is a few steps away from Istanbul Cevahir Mall where is one of the most popular shopping centers in Mecidiyekoy.

Everyone knows Istiklal Avenue. You can directly get inside Cevahir Mall by taking the metro in Taksim and using the Sisli Exit.

You can also reach link roads and bridges by your private vehicle.

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Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

Sisli Shopping Malls

Cevahir Shopping Center

Sisli makes a name for itself with flamboyant streets full of important shopping centers and boutiques. Shopping and living centers which are outstanding in Sisli;

  • Cevahir Shopping Center – Mecidiyekoy
  • City’s Shopping Mall – Nisantasi
  • Astoria Shopping Center – Sisli
  • Profilo Mall – Mecidiyekoy
  • Trump Mall – Mecidiyekoy

Population in Sisli District

The population of Sisli is rapidly growing. Sisli is developing with the rapid increase of both social living spaces and new housing projects. Sisli gets internal and external migration due to the increase of educational institutions, shopping malls, hospitals and many other opportunities.

  • 266,793 people live in Sisli.

Moreover, this number is constantly increasing according to statistics for Sisli. In particular, the student population is growing and the foreigners who want to live in Turkey initially examine Sisli region.

Places to Visit in Sisli District

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Sisli is both the center of social life and an important place where important institutions and organizations are located. There are shopping malls, shopping streets, exhibitions, museums, hotels, mosques and many other places to visit in Sisli.

  • If you are going to shop, you can go to Valikonagi Avenue where is full of famous brands. Rumeli and Tesvikiye Streets are the most famous shopping streets of Istanbul. You can also find famous restaurants and cafes here.
  • You can find fabric stores and boutiques full of famous tailors in Osmanbey, known as the wholesale center of Sisli. If you are looking for a nightdress or looking for antiques, every avenue is invaluable!
  • If you are going to have a meal, you can visit Atiye Street.
  • You can go to Macka Demokrasi Park and have a pleasant time in nature.
  • Bomonti Beer Factory has recently been a popular social and cultural center. You can have a beer and eat at other places such as Populist or Klimanjero in the courtyard. Or you can watch DJ performances.
  • You can go to Harbiye! Stop by the garden of Notre Dame de Sion French High School that is located in St. Esprit Cathedral which was opened for worship in 1846. We recommend you not to leave before seeing the rich collection in the Military Museum.
  • And, search and purchase a ticket for events held at Lutfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition Center in Harbiye. Add value to your time before leaving.
  • Furthermore, Sisli Mosque, one of the symbols of Sisli, has classical Ottoman architecture and stands out as one of the first religious works of the Republic period.
  • Do not leave without stopping by the Dolmabahce Palace, which is only 5 km from the center of Sisli. It is one of the most important historical symbols of Istanbul.
  • Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall and Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater
  • Istanbul Sapphire

Life in Sisli Nowadays

Life in Sisli, sisli,

Sisli is an important living space as well as its history and valuable streets. Major construction companies have chosen this region to develop new housing.

There are important shopping centers and hospitals due to the important link roads along with the rapid development of public transport vehicles.

Sisli also hosts business and commercial centers due to its location features. It is located a few minutes away from important financial centers such as Maslak and Levent.

There are many offices and workplaces on the main roads leading to Gayrettepe, Mecidiyekoy and Levent. Sisli is one of the most valuable living centers of Istanbul by hosting residences, housing projects and luxury houses.

Istanbul’s most valuable educational institutions are also located in Sisli.

Sisli is of great importance for education as well as shopping, entertainment or other necessities. Not only tourists but also citizens who want to get an education or spend time in social areas should visit Sisli.

Sisli’s popularity is growing due to the universities, high schools and other educational institutions. In addition to the rapid increase in the student population, the rapid population growth also provides extraordinary value to the region. Sisli is an important center for social and cultural activities nowadays.