will connect Istanbul Airport to the ‎city center. The first train set at Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro has been put on the rails! The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoglu has declared that ‎Turkey’s fastest metro train sets ‎which can reach a speed of 120 km/h will ‎be assembled and tested this month‎.

The Minister has confirmed that they have established the ‎best transportation infrastructure for Istanbul Airport.

Also, they have reached an important point ‎in the construction of the 37.5-kilometer-long Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro.

The giant project ‎consists of 9 stations.

Turkey’s Domestic Car

10 train sets will be on rails by the end of the year

Istanbul Airport Metro project will reduce the transportation time to the airport to almost half an hour.

‎Karaismailoglu ‎has explained that the production of the first train set is over.

The ‎first train set was put on between Gokturk and Kagithane metro route.

Minister Karaismailoglu also ‎underlined that the production of 10 trainsets will be over.

They will be on the rails by the end of ‎the year.

10 excavation machines simultaneously ‎operated for the first time in a subway ‎project in Turkey.‎

Every day, 600.000 residents will travel between Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport ‎in a short time like 35 minutes via metro.

The metro will pass through the Besiktas, Sisli, Kagithane, Eyup and ‎Arnavutkoy districts.‎

Domestic goods condition for train sets 

The Minister has underlined that they give priority to using domestic and national ‎facilities in the construction of train sets.

Also for the construction of the metro. The goods in the production process ‎should contain 60 ‎percent of domestic goods.

“This metro route will not only link Istanbul Airport and all ‎around Istanbul. But also it will increase our manufacturing capacity for domestic train sets.

It will ‎make a significant augmentation to the production of the fastest metro sets in the world.” Karaismailoglu said.