The winner of 2016 was real estate not U.S dollars

According to latest real estate sales report the winner of 2016 is real estate not U.S dollars

While the increase in the dollar is one of the most talked-about topics of recent days, especially investors are looking for ways to profit from this process.

The dollar, which is 3 lira in January, has seen the 3,50 band starting from November and gained the image of the investor of the dollar, which continues its ups and downs throughout the year.

However, emphasizing that the real winner in 2016 is the ‘safe haven’ real estate. In general terms, record breaking increases seem to have made a very serious gain to investors. But the reality is not so much. Since the first months of the year, real estate prices in the Mediterranean, Marmara, Ankara and Istanbul regions have increased by 40-50 percent. Even with coupon investments, this yielded up to 70 percent. The winner of 2016 was real estate not U.S dollars!

Investors who want risk free gains should not leave real estate.

After the increase in the dollar, those who invest their savings and invest in the real estate may even think that they will not be profitable in the first place, or even that they are going to get hurt. However, it should not be forgotten that in the long run, the most profitable investment is real estate. The best investment is real estate today and tomorrow.

The winner of 2016 was real estate not U.S dollars! In house sales, 71 792 of houses were sold for the first time

First house sales in Turkey became 71 792 by decreasing 3% compared to the same month of the previous year. First house sales had 50.3% share of all house sales in Turkey. The most first house sales was in İstanbul with 12 476 sales. İstanbul was the first province in Turkey ranking that had most first house sales share with 17.4%. The followers of İstanbul  were Ankara with  6 737  house  sales and  İzmir with 3 938 house sales.