Nationality Transactions For Foreigners In 6 Articles

Nationality Transactions For Foreigners In 6 Articles; As known, the limit of citizenship has been reduced by enviroment and the Ministry of Urbanization from 1 million American dollars to 250,000 American dollars.

Firstly, Land title and citizenship procedures for foreigners;

  1. In order to be able to make a request, the value of the real estate property must be at least 1 million for the real estate property. And the value of the real estate / immovable properties for September 19, 2018 at least 250 thousand USD.
  2. Secondly, In order to benefit from the determination of the amount specified in the said article of the Regulation, valuation report prepared in accordance with the valuation standards and approved by the appraisal agency, indicates the market value and the valuation report is required. The date of issuance of the appraisal report submitted during the acquisition application must be at least three months before the application date. The valuation report is valid until the transaction is completed. If a request is made for the completed real estate properties. The real estate valuation report is prepared based on the acquisition date of the immovable / real estate.
  3. The sales price in the official bill cannot be lower than the value in the valuation report. Immovable property / real estate values ​​denominated in US Dollar. Central Turkey at the date of the transaction Republic Central Bank calculated effective selling rate basis. (If it has not been announced yet on Transaction is effective selling rate on the previous day.) Visit duration completed in the official deed for real estate. And The price in the valuation report should be above the amounts specified in the Regulation.
  4. Realization of the transfer of the sales fee through the banks in the new applications to be made within this scope; it must be confirmed by bank certified receipts from the buyer’s account and credited to the seller’s account. (These receipts must be submitted to the General Directorate until the notification stage.)
  5. Again in this context, the immovable / real estate subject to acquisition is not registered on behalf of any real person, including the person’s spouse or children. The person must not be the real estate property transferred by himself. His wife or his children after 12 January 2017.
  6. Finally, In case of mortgage being purchased or mortgaged. The remaining amount is taken into consideration by deducting the mortgage cost.