Turkey property sales August 2020 rose by %54,2! It is noted that ‎housing sales figures have rapidly increased compared to the same month of 2019.

Despite the global health crisis, more than one million properties ‎are sold in the first quarter of 2020 in Turkey!‎

The highest housing sales performance occurred in the first quarter 2020 during ‎the past 8 ‎years in Turkey‎!

According to the August sales report ‎of the Turkish ‎Statistical Institute, 107,408 houses are sold!‎

Turkey Property Sales Reached Record Level in January-August 2020!

Turkey property sales August 2020 has reached record levels with ‎1,024,534 ‎ ‎residential sales!

By contrast with the negative effect of the pandemic crisis, there ‎is a rise in house sales.‎

New house sales have increased by 11,2% up to August 2020. The house values ‎rise during this period.

As 317,832 new houses have been sold, it draws the ‎attention of housing buyers to the real estate sector!‎

Turkey Property Sales August 2020: Housing Sales for Foreigners Rose by 8%!

Turkey property sales August 2020 reaches record levels, foreign nationals are ‎rapidly increasing the numbers.

Housing sales for foreigners raised by 8% in ‎August 2020 compared to the same month of 2019!‎

It has been determined that Istanbul is the most preferred city for foreign ‎nationals to get Turkish Citizenship!

Foreign nationals have bought 3,893 houses ‎with an 8% increase compared to August 2019!

The number of foreigners ‎purchasing houses in Istanbul is increasing rapidly.

So, let’s check out the nations ‎and the most preferred cities in terms of housing sales!‎

Turkey Flights Resume with Gulf Countries ‎in September!

Turkey Property Sales August 2020: 52,123 New Houses Sold!

Turkey property sales in August 2020 have shown a rapid increase in housing sales ‎compared to the same month of 2019.‎

The sales figures of new houses rose by 28,3%‎ and have reached 52,123 ‎as opposed to the same month of 2019!

The number of housing is growing rapidly ‎in Turkey and branded sales figures evenly grow.‎

The Popular Investment Among Iranian Citizens in August: Turkey Properties!

Turkey property sales in August 2020 draws great attention from Iranian ‎citizens!

‎Iranian citizens who showed high demand for Turkish properties have ‎bought ‎‎640 houses In August 2020.‎

Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan citizens also show great interest ‎in ‎Turkey real estate market as well as Iranian citizens.‎

Iran 640 properties‎

Iraq 592 properties‎

Russian Federation 366 properties‎

Afghanistan 156 properties‎

Azerbaijan 154 properties‎

Big Three Cities with The Highest Purchases!

Turkey property sales in August 2020 show that housing sales have risen after the ‎pandemic.

Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir have the highest rates in terms of new ‎housing sales‎.‎

There are record sales along with the low-interest rates with the campaigns of ‎branded housing projects in Turkey in 2020 ‎!‎

High sales have drawn attention with the effect of low interest rates in July ‎‎2020!

Housing sales rose to 229,357 in July and broke a new record.

When ‎housing sales figures are monthly analyzed, the housing sales were the highest in ‎July 2020!‎

Istanbul rank first for housing sales to foreign citizens. Antalya, ‎Ankara, ‎Mersin, ‎and Yalova cities come after Istanbul for foreigns.‎

Istanbul 1,648 properties‎

Antalya 784 properties‎

Ankara 288 properties‎

Mersin 148 properties‎

Yalova 133 properties


Istanbul New Housing Sales: 8,103 Houses – 15,5% Increase

The city ranked first with 8,103 new house sales!‎


Ankara New Housing Sales: 3,891 Houses

The city took second place after Istanbul, as the city with the highest value!‎


Izmir New Housing Sales: 3,193 Houses

The city stood out as the most preferred city for property buyers following Istanbul ‎and Ankara!‎

August 2020 Turkey Housing Price Index

Turkey property sales in August 2020, housing prices are rapidly changing. It ‎is ‎observed that housing prices have risen due to the increase in housing ‎sales.

‎Changing the housing price index with housing sales in Turkey is very ‎important ‎for home buyers.‎

If you plan to invest in housing in Turkey, the price index data will be ‎determinant ‎for you! Increasing house prices is of great importance for your ‎earnings in the ‎long and short term.

By purchasing a property worth 250,000 USD, you can be a citizen of ‎the ‎Republic of Turkey. Then, if you wish, you can have a life full of privileges ‎in ‎Turkey.

Also, you can benefit from the rental income with the rising value of ‎the ‎house you bought.‎

In Turkey, the housing sector of Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir will be ‎an ‎investment tool that will rapidly appreciate the value of your earnings.

In the ‎housing price index ‎data of the big three, there has been a 1,40% real value ‎increase compared to the ‎same month of the previous year.

According to a ‎housing price index data held ‎once every three months in Turkey, by purchasing a ‎house, you can make a ‎strong investment for your future in 2020‎.

Besides, you ‎can add privilege to your ‎life by taking advantage of Turkish citizenship!‎

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