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Turkey Property Tax Procedure


“Invest $ 250,000, get Turkish Citizenship”

Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment program requires you to buy properties for only $250,000. So that, you will get lifetime privileges! Investment Program provides the opportunity to get Citizenship without any conditions for foreign investors. Also, the foreigners and their families will be able to become a citizen with the property purchase with a minimum value of $250,000 in Turkey!

Sale Property Turkey offers several opportunities for foreign investors who want to benefit Investment Program in Turkey. Take a look at the special services that we provide!

Turkish Citizenship by investment program will provide lifetime privileges. Moreover, this investment tool will allow you to gain financially. Our consultants will help you to find answers regarding the acquisition of property in Turkey!

The Advantages of Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate

Citizenship by purchase property in Turkey will provide benefits for your entire life. There are several important advantages of property purchase in Turkey in addition to being a citizen. You can get more information through our consultants if you want to learn about the advantages of investment in Turkey.

Turkey properties which is one of the leading tools of the Turkey economy offers privileged opportunities for foreign investors. You can have both a property and a life full of privileges. Quickly and easily be a priviliged citizen and property owner.

Also, real estate investments of foreign investors provide by capital investment great monetary advantages along with the acquiring of Citizenship in Turkey.

Get Citizenship by investment in Turkey will provide privileges beyond your expectations. Consider comfortable living opportunities along with the geopolitical position and global power of Turkey!

You can directly fly to more than 400 points all around the world. Besides, you can take advantage of the geopolitical position of Turkey that provides direct access to the 22 capitals.

Turkish Citizenship means participating in transformation with strong economic data and the development of new living spaces.

Turkey has achieved steady economic growth with economic growth notes and strength. So, you can benefit from the financial developments as well as experiencing the stable and advanced economy of Turkey.

Advanced health care and educational institutions in Turkey have drawn the attention of foreigners as well.

Also, Turkish Citizenship provides numerous opportunities for your life. Sale Property Turkey will be your solution partner during the whole process.

Turkish Citizenship offers a constant income for you. How does? You can strengthen your investment through developing sectors by obtaining citizenship without wasting time.

By adapting to developing conditions with strong economic data and global cooperation, you can add the advantages of being a Turkish citizen into your life.

Discover The Privileges of Citizenship By Investment in Turkey!

Turkish Citizenship by investment equals a powerful investment instrument along with a financial gain, as well. Benefiting from Investment Program by property purchase for $250,000 is the only thing you should do!

Foreign investors can be Turkish citizens if they purchase a property at a minimum of 250,000 USD in Turkey. You can pay it as TL  or foreign currency through banks in Turkey. It must be proved that the payment is realized with a bank receipt. Investors hold multiple citizenships in Turkey. On the other hand, there is not a time limitation, get lifelong advantages!

The fields of construction and property are the most valuable investment instrument for both domestic and foreign investors in Turkey.

The Required Documents to Get Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program

Investment program by real estate requires certain documents if you want to become a Turkish Citizen .

2 biometric photos of you

Passport notarized and translated into Turkish

Your certificate of birth

Document of your marital status

Documents and title deeds of your real estate

Valuation report of your real estate

Certificate of identity register copy

Fee receipt

Your income certificate

Why is the Turkish Passport So Powerful?

One of the most important privileges of Turkish Citizenship by investment to real estate is the Turkish passport. You can travel to 114 countries without a visa with a Turkish passport which is one of the most powerful passports in the world.

Foreign investors will be able to travel to many parts of the world without a visa and stay without a visa requirement for 30 – 90 days. You will be able to visit some countries without a visa as well as obtain Turkish Citizenship an electronic visa or visa upon arrival.

The United States of America is a party of E2 Treaty between Turkey, therefore foreign investors will have great comfort to dwell in the USA after become citizen in Turkey!

Following investment process, identity cards and passports are delivered within 1 week including the children under the 18 years and the spouse of the foreign investor in Turkey.

Also, you will have a passport recognized by the whole world because Turkey is a member of NATO and G20. So, Turkey stands out as an important factor for developing your plans with its economic collaborations and global power.

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment: Points to Take Into Consideration

Citizenship by investment program in Turkey process has some important points to take into consideration. At first, you need to follow the procedure and know the process. If you want to benefit from the Turkish Citizen Program… Sale Property real estate consultancy services will develop special solutions for you. So, you will take your firm steps during property purchase!

It is essential to learn the Turkish citizen acquisition process and the steps to be taken for foreign investors, their spouses, and children under 18 years who make a housing investment.

  • The title deed of the property purchased in order to acquiring Turkish Citizenship shall be annotated at the title deed office that it will not be sold for the next 3 years.
  • In accordance with Citizenship Laws, property valuation and certificate of compliance shall be obtain from The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

In accordance with the Citizenship Laws no 5901, it will be acquired if all documents are fully completed according to the conditions. Besides, it’s being annotated in the land registry offices shall be determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The rules and procedures to be applied in land registry offices are enacted by the Turkish Citizenship Laws when you purchase property in Turkey in order to acquiring Turkish citizenship.

The $ 250,000 required for the acquisition shall be issued by the Land Registry as a Turkish Lira-based note. Also, the market value of the property will be determined along with the real estate valuation report. So that, the effective selling rate will be determined.

Firstly, there are some vital points you should consider to acquiring Turkish Citizenship program. Secondly, knowing the process as well as the steps you need to take will provide control if you want to get a strong passport.

What is the process of the acquisition of Citizenship and real estate in Turkey?

1.The documents for the process of Citizenship by real estate investment will be submitted to the relevant institutions and organizations by the authorities. You can follow the progress of your application digitally.

2.After the application, the data will be submitted to the General Directorate Of Civil Registration and Nationality by the relevant authorities.

3.Submitted documents and data are checked. Any missing data should be completed.

4.After the controls, the demand for Turkish Citizenship of the investors in Turkey will be evaluated.

5.The approval of the Turkish Citizenship application will be sent to the investors via SMS or e-mail within 6 months.

Recommendations for Your Real Estate Investment in Turkey

There are requirements to become in Turkey to be followed by capital owners by real estate if you want to be beneficial.

The important points for foreign investors who want to obtain Turkish Citizenship are as follows;

1.There must be no obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

2.Documents and data must be complete and authentic.

3.The most important point is that the institutions or organizations other than the authorized ones must be disregarded.

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by property investment, you should not ignore these important points. You should be in constant contact with your consultant.

By property purchase with a minimum value of $250,000 in Turkey, you will have a strong investment. (by using title deed transactions) Besides, you will have the right of Citizenship for the whole family in Turkey without any requirement such as a residence permit.

Turkish Citizenship Projects for Real Estate Investment

The steps to get Citizenship by investment to real estate in Turkey are very easy!

Sale Property consultants will guide your investment plans with the most accurate and current information while choosing a property in Turkey.

Investment Program is the easiest option to become a Citizen in Turkey!

Most practical and easiest investment option to become a Turkish Citizen through investment program! Purchase property in Turkey is get by the spouse of the foreign investor and their children under the age of 18, so this right has increased the demand. Apply for become a citizen in Turkey!

How Does Your Real Estate Investment Work in Turkey?

1.Contact Sale Property Turkey professional consultants to find the ideal house in Turkey!

2.Complete the purchasing process of the house you will invest in!

3.Apply and you are ready for your new life!

Which property will you buy to acquiring Turkish Citizenship and Passport? What are the exact privileges? With professional consultancy services, you will have the opportunity to make a strong investment by finding your dream house immediately! Our consultants will help you with the required documents and transactions. Send your contact details with the form to take advantage of our cooperation!

As your solution partner, we have meticulously selected residential projects that are subject to eligibility requirements.

Our consultants speak the same language as you! Our expert staff whose native language is English and Arabic will respond to your requests quickly!

Thanks to Sale Property Turkey large portfolio, quickly find the house fitting your life style and budget!

Do not waste your time trying to find a property in Turkey. Choose the property that best suits your budget and standards through your consultant!