Turkey Will Open a Visa Center in Kirkuk

Firstly, Turkey’s ambassador to Baghdad Fatih Yildiz said that;to make it easier to get visa to Turkey they will open a visa center in Kirkuk. Yıldız visited the Tazehurmatu town where the Turkmens lived in the 2nd day of his contacts in Kirkuk. Also, Turkey Will Open a Visa Center in Kirkuk.

Stars came together with officials in the town, AA said in a statement to reporters, he said Turkey would open an application center in Kirkuk in order to ensure ease visa.

Secondly, Ambassador Yıldız, said the center will be like the examples in Baghdad, Arbil and Sulaymaniyah.
The issue of Turkey opening representative offices in Kirkuk.

Finally , In Kirkuk, the Turkmen are the intensity of Turkey Referring to the issue of opening an official representative Stars, “In the coming period, the sit’s official representative in Turkey with Iraq’s central government will talk in terms of being here. Turcomans our brothers will do our best to provide better service.” he said.