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Villas for Sale in Turkey


Villas for sale in Turkey are outstanding with their exclusive and charming features for residential buyers! Are you looking for a holiday homes that will add value to your budget and living conditions? 

If you’re looking for city villa in Turkey, luxury homes might be ideal for you. One of the most valuable properties of Istanbul, privileged homes with private swimming pools and private gardens or ultra-luxury sea view villa options located on the shoreline are remarkable. On the project pages, you can examine the best properties for your budget, life and investment purposes. If you want to learn more about options in a town far from the city and get informed by our expert sales consultants.

Check out the analysis reports, and the index data of the regions in which the most spectacular holiday homes. Discover the best Istanbul homes in line with your requests!

Villas for Sale in Turkey

Which Factors Set the Price of Villa for Sale in Turkey?

If you look for sale in Turkey, you need to be aware of the following factors:

  • The distance of a villa to the sea
  • Having advanced infrastructure (providing facilities such as stores, hospitals, theaters, fitness centers)
  • Opportunities such as views, ceiling height, number of rooms or private gardens and terraces
  • The distance to transportation vehicles and link roads

Moreover, investment properties with their ever-increasing values in the Turkish real estate sector are powerful investment tools for home buyers. Every year, foreign tourists come to Turkey for a holiday.

Foreigners wishing to buy holiday homes abroad show interest to luxurious and high investment value homes. Mountain views luxury holiday homes or luxury villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on the slopes might attract your attention. Sea view villa overlooking the Aegean Sea or the Bosphorus may be a popular tool for investment as well. Before buying a villa in Turkey, you need to be aware of all these factors. As Sale Property, we will provide holiday homes and investment properties with the best and highest values.

Popular Coastal Cities in Turkey

If you look for a villa for sale, you need to know the popular coastal cities that represent a Turkish holiday home. You can look at the popular touristic areas whose names you do not know or you can find a high-quality villa in Turkey’s most popular tourist regions.

  • Antalya
  • Belek
  • Kemer
  • Alanya
  • Bodrum
  • Marmaris



The most sold and preferred villas in Turkey are usually two or three storeys.

    • Independent villas
    • Villa projects

Detached homes usually have gardens. Even some properties include private gardens, social facilities, and pools. Semi-detached villas are one of the most popular property alternatives. Villa projects in Turkey are also attractive for home buyers. A wide range of social opportunities is offered for you.

You can select a project that has a cycle route. You can get more information from our professional sales consultants in order to purchase the most suitable independent villas or villa projects.

Bargain Villa for Sale in Turkey 

Are you looking for villa for sale in Turkey that fit your budget? Among the sea villa options, you can buy one or more properties. You can easily find a cheap property in line with your living standards.

In the city center, villas in Istanbul have extraordinary architecture or a historical one. You can view the sparkle of the famous Bosphorus in Turkish homes. You can take a look at the dynamic atmosphere of the city thanks to the villas.

Turkey villas provide energetic living spaces in central locations or away from the city center. The complexes offer both prestigious living conditions, high quality and privileged living conditions. Thousands of options that suit your budget will be offered by luxury homes!

Affordable villas have great options for homebuyers who demand the lowest cost of living among the thousands of options provided by new structures. If you are looking for a tranquil lifestyle, you can check out real estate in Marmaris.

With their glamorous and peaceful villages, they are regarded as dream locations for Turkish and foreign housing buyers! You can take a look at centers of attraction in many complexes that provide restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, shops, or developed on the coastline.

Average Villa Prices in Turkey 

Villas for sale in Istanbul offer numerous types of housings. There are some questions in this regard. Are houses cheap in Turkey?

Villa prices in Turkey vary a lot. It varies from region to region as well as according to their sizes. It would be incorrect to quote an average price, but we can guarantee that there are options for every budget.

You can find more information about average prices through our expert sales consultants. Also You can find affordable villas in Turkey between $70.000 and $130.000. You might want to buy luxury villa in Istanbul. There are options having special landscape areas for your budget and large social facilities.

If you want to have a luxury villa in Turkey, you can take a look at villas with a value of over $180.000! You can examine villa projects that are developed with several social facilities, full of privileges, private swimming pools, landscaping, gardens, and many more. If you have a big family, you can find a 3-4 bedroom villa with two or more bathrooms at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a villa for sale with private gardens, make sure of checking all the alternatives with our expert sales consultants.

Where Are the Mostly Preferred By Home-Buyers?

Villa for sale in Turkey, you can see thousands of options having different architectural styles at affordable prices, no need to get confused! Do not get lost among the alternatives having different prices among the options. You can start discovering the most popular holiday homes.

Check out the homes which are hidden paradises. City center villas that are the most frequently asked and demanded ones are very popular in the real estate market.

Villas serve as a key for housing investors, foreign nationals who want to obtain Turkish Citizenship by purchasing real estate or those who want to own a prestigious Turkish property for sale. House prices in Turkey, special payment terms, extraordinary architectural structures, fascinating sea view, special landscaping areas, comprehensive social facilities, private swimming pools and many other facilities…

Holiday homes are offered for the homebuyers. You can discover the villa for sale in Bursa, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, or Bodrum. Also, private gardens villas present strong investment opportunities with the dynamic atmosphere of the city center. Do you want a gorgeous living space where you can have a calm and peaceful life? What about villas in Istanbul for rent? Set all your demands and make a decision with the help of your expert sales consultant.

Luxury Villas in Turkey

Luxury private villas for sale are also very popular. You can also look at the towns that embellish the dreams of retirees. Are you looking for villas in Antalya? Let’s choose the best one without wasting time or getting lost among the hundreds of villas. Let’s meet your requests in the most suitable locations if you want to find your ideal one.

You can examine the popular districts which are preferred by celebrities. Or, you can choose an extraordinary villa designed by world-famous architects which takes you to a different world with its interior and exterior architecture.

Valuable villa alternatives that will add prestige to your life are also being developed in Turkey. If you wish, you can buy an ultra-lux villa close to Bodrum Yalikavak Marina which has been awarded the “world’s best superyacht marina” award in the international arena in 2020. You can own a property in the same area with world-famous celebrities. If you do not have a shoe-string budget, you can also buy one of the stunning Bosphorus villas.

Buy Villa in Turkey

Villas in Turkey for sale enable you to buy your ideal property right now! We will offer special prices for you. You can take advantage of easy terms or discover the most ideal alternatives in line with your living conditions. If you wish, you can buy a million-dollar villa or look for an affordable villa worth only $70.000! However, we guarantee that you will easily find the villa that fits your budget.

If your budget is not an obstacle, we will find the option of a villa that will add value to your life, beyond your expectations. Send your contact information to Sale Property sales consultants with the contact form. We will find your ideal holiday homes with special offers in no time.

By benefiting from our online sales consultancy services, you can join live tours from your home. Through our advanced bargaining skills, we ensure you that we will find the most suitable homes, free of charge!

You can immediately examine the villa options on the project pages or get more information from our sales consultants. As the team of Sale Property, we guarantee that we will be your reliable partner for all your purchases!

Find Your Ideal Villas for Sale in Turkey!

Villas for sale in Turkey, the increasing number of villa options are rapidly gaining value. No need to get confused among hundreds of villas if you want to buy villa in different cities!

You can take a look at villas in Antalya in order to find the best property. Fethiye might be the real estate market which has the properties you are looking for are developed. Splendid villas of different types are still being developed. You can examine the options that gain value Turkish villas. Private swimming pools, lansdscaped gardens, private  gardens or ample social facilities are gathered within the projects.

Average villa prices greatly vary from region to region in Turkey. You can guarantee to make a strong investment by buying villas in Turkey. Holiday homes are remarkable as rewarding investment tools in Turkey. By purchasing a villa, you can get not only a comfortable life but also a unique investment opportunity.

You can also earn a lifetime income with a rental guarantee. According to your wishes, you can buy a new home by only taking advantage of the rental income. Beyond adding value to your life, you can get financial gain. Now, get support from our professional consultants about investment opportunities.

You can find affordable villas which are hidden paradises away from the city center or a spectacular option in the city center. Let’s find the most suitable homes according to your requests in the price range you have determined!

2.074.000TL/24 Months
SPT241 Luxury Houses For Sale For Investors

Beds: 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 7+2

Apartment, Villa

Bedrooms: 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 7+2

Completion Date: Ready

m² Range: 165 - 624

Number of Units: 80

Apartment, Villa

2.074.000TL/24 Months

Beds: 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 7+2

Apartment, Villa

800.000TL/6 months
SPT205 Modern Project For Living and Investment For Buyers

Bed: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, Villam2: 44426

Apartment, Villa

Bedrooms: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, Villa

Completion Date: Ready

m² Range: 59 - 421

Number of Units: 1160

Apartment, Villa

800.000TL/6 months

Bed: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, Villam2: 44426

Apartment, Villa

8.225.000TL/19 Months
SPT193 Fully Comprehensive Villa Project For Living

Beds: 3+1, 4+1, 5+1: 625000


Bedrooms: 3+1, 4+1, 5+1

Completion Date: Ready

m² Range: 26 - 463

Number of Units: 472


8.225.000TL/19 Months

Beds: 3+1, 4+1, 5+1: 625000


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